Interactive Do

This file documents the Ido package for GNU Emacs.

Overview Basics, activation.
Matching Interactivity, matching, scrolling.
Highlighting Highlighting of matching items.
Hidden Buffers and Files Hidden buffers, files, and directories.
Customization Change the Ido functionality.
Misc Various other features.
GNU Free Documentation License The license for this documentation.
Variable Index An entry for each documented variable.

Detailed Node Listing

Activation How to use this package.
Working Directories Where files have most recently been opened.
Interactive Substring Matching Interactivity, matching, scrolling.
Prefix Matching Standard completion.
Flexible Matching More flexible matching.
Regexp Matching Matching using regular expression.
Changing List Order Changing the list of files.
Find File At Point Make Ido guess the context.
Ignoring Ignorance is bliss.
Misc Customization Miscellaneous customization for Ido.
All Matching Seeing all the matching buffers or files.
Replacement Replacement for read-buffer and read-file-name.
Other Packages Don't want to depend on ido-everywhere?

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