4 Headline Management

Newsticker assigns a status (or “age”) to each headline which you can modify manually. This makes it easy to distinguish new headlines from old ones, to keep important headlines, to hide boring headlines etc. An item is “new” when it has just arrived and has not been read. You can mark it as “old” when you have read it or – if you want to keep it – you can mark it as “immortal”. You can do that manually and you can define filters which do that automatically, see below. When a headline has vanished from the feed it is automatically marked as “obsolete” unless it has the status “immortal”. “Obsolete” headlines get removed automatically after a certain time.


You may define any number of filters for automatically marking newly arrived headlines as “immortal” or “old”. A filter looks for a regular expression in either the title or the description of a headline and then, if the expression matches, marks the headline as “immortal” or as “old”. This is done only once, when a headline is fetched for the very first time.


Obsolete headlines are removed immediately unless newsticker-keep-obsolete-items is non-nil in which case they are kept until newsticker-obsolete-item-max-age is reached.


If this is set to t then a “new” item becomes “old” as soon as it is retrieved a second time.