3 Retrieving News

Newsticker downloads news periodically in the background. This is triggered as soon as you start reading news (Reading News).

Alternatively you may use the command newsticker-start (newsticker-stop) in order to start (stop) the periodic download of news without opening the reader.

The following variables define which feeds are fetched and how this is done.


You may select any number of feeds from this list of (sample) news feeds.


All your personal news feeds are defined here. Each feed is identified by its name and an URL. You may set the start-time and the retrieval interval for each feed as well as the retrieval command arguments in case that the default values do not fit a certain feed.


By default Newsticker uses Emacs’s built-in download capabilities for fetching headlines. You may change this to use an external tool like wget. In this case you need to set newsticker-wget-name and possibly newsticker-wget-arguments.


The number of seconds between headline retrievals.