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12.6.3 HTML preamble and postamble

The HTML exporter lets you define a preamble and a postamble.

The default value for org-html-preamble is t, which means that the preamble is inserted depending on the relevant format string in org-html-preamble-format.

Setting org-html-preamble to a string will override the default format string. If you set it to a function, it will insert the output of the function, which must be a string. Setting to nil will not insert any preamble.

The default value for org-html-postamble is 'auto, which means that the HTML exporter will look for information about the author, the email, the creator and the date, and build the postamble from these values. Setting org-html-postamble to t will insert the postamble from the relevant format string found in org-html-postamble-format. Setting it to nil will not insert any postamble.