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12.5.2 HTML preamble and postamble

The HTML exporter lets you define a preamble and a postamble.

The default value for org-export-html-preamble is t, which means that the preamble is inserted depending on the relevant format string in org-export-html-preamble-format.

Setting org-export-html-preamble to a string will override the default format string. Setting it to a function, will insert the output of the function, which must be a string; such a function takes no argument but you can check against the value of opt-plist, which contains the list of publishing properties for the current file. Setting to nil will not insert any preamble.

The default value for org-export-html-postamble is 'auto, which means that the HTML exporter will look for the value of org-export-author-info, org-export-email-info, org-export-creator-info and org-export-time-stamp-file, org-export-html-validation-link and build the postamble from these values. Setting org-export-html-postamble to t will insert the postamble from the relevant format string found in org-export-html-postamble-format. Setting it to nil will not insert any postamble.