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12.11.3 Headings and sectioning structure

texinfo’ uses a pre-defined scheme, or class, to convert headlines into Texinfo structuring commands. For example, a top level headline appears as @chapter if it should be numbered or as @unnumbered otherwise. If you need to use a different set of commands, e.g., to start with @part instead of @chapter, install a new class in org-texinfo-classes, then activate it with #+TEXINFO_CLASS keyword. Export process defaults to org-texinfo-default-class when there is no such keyword in the document.

If a headline's level has no associated structuring command, or is below a certain threshold see Export settings, that headline becomes a list in Texinfo output.

As an exception, a headline with a non-nil :APPENDIX: property becomes an appendix, independently on its level and the class used.

Each regular sectioning structure creates a menu entry, named after the heading. You can provide a different, e.g., shorter, title in :ALT_TITLE: property (see Table of contents). Optionally, you can specify a description for the item in :DESCRIPTION: property. E.g.,

     * Controlling Screen Display
       :ALT_TITLE: Display
       :DESCRIPTION: Controlling Screen Display