13.9.8 Tables in HTML export

The HTML export back-end uses org-html-table-default-attributes when exporting Org tables to HTML. By default, the exporter does not draw frames and cell borders. To change for this for a table, use the following lines before the table in the Org file:

#+CAPTION: This is a table with lines around and between cells
#+ATTR_HTML: :border 2 :rules all :frame border

The HTML export back-end preserves column groupings in Org tables (see Column Groups) when exporting to HTML.

Additional options for customizing tables for HTML export.


Non-nil attaches style attributes for alignment to each table field.


Non-nil places caption string at the beginning of the table.


Opening and ending tags for table data fields.


Default attributes and values for table tags.


Opening and ending tags for table’s header fields.


Opening and ending tags for table rows.


Non-nil formats column one in tables with header tags.