11.3 Other Display Commands and Options

There are two additional toggle commands that affect display in the current file:

F h

Hide the item headers if visible, or show them if they are hidden. With done items, only the done header (i.e., the done tag and date-time string inserted when the item was marked done) is hidden, the original date-time string is not. With filtered items, the category (or category-file) tag is not hidden.


Highlight the current item (with the face hl-line) if unhighlighted, or remove its highlighting. When item highlighting is enabled, it follows navigation by n or p. If you want to have current item highlighting by default, enable the option todo-highlight-item. F H or H will still toggle it.

There are two options which affect the display of items whose content is longer than one screen line:

The indentation inserted after a hard newline is actually a tab character, and the Todo modes that display items bind tab-width to todo-indent-to-here, so if you change the default value of the latter, the next time you visit a Todo file, the indentation will reflect your change.

By default, the todo and done items sections of a todo category are visually separated by a line as wide as the window the buffer is displayed in. You can change the appearance and width of the separator by customizing todo-done-separator-string; you can also change the face of the separator string (todo-done-sep).

There are also several options for changing the appearance in Todo Categories mode and Todo Filtered Items mode, beyond those mentioned above in the sections on these modes; see the customization groups todo-categories and todo-filtered for details.