Todo Mode User Manual

This manual describes the version of Todo mode first appearing in Emacs 24.4.

Todo Mode Entry Points
Key Binding Conventions
Navigation Moving within and between categories.
Editing Adding, deleting and changing todo files, categories and items.
Todo Archives Files of done todo items.
Marked Items Acting on multiple items simultaneously.
Todo Categories Mode Table of categories and item counts.
Searching for Items
Todo Filtered Items Mode Making virtual categories of items from different categories and files.
Todo Display Features
Printing Todo Buffers
Legacy Todo Mode Files Converting old-style todo files.
GNU Free Documentation License

Detailed Node Listing

Levels of Organization
Todo Items as Diary Entries
File Editing
Category Editing
Item Editing
Item Editing
Inserting New Items
Editing Item Headers and Text
Relocating and Removing Items
Relocating and Removing Items
Reprioritizing Items
Moving and Deleting Items
Done Items
Todo Archives
Creating and Visiting Archives
Todo Archive Mode
Todo Categories Mode
Table of Item Counts
Reordering Categories
Todo Filtered Items Mode
Filtering Items
Todo Filtered Items Mode Commands
Files of Filtered Items
Todo Display Features
Item Prefix
Other Display Commands and Options

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