8.1.12 The push-button Widget


type ::= (push-button [keyword argument]...  [ value ])

A widget that acts as a pushable button. Its super is the item widget.

The value, if present, is used to initialize the :value property. The value should be a string, which will be inserted in the buffer.

By default, it has the following properties:


The empty string.


The empty string.


Inserts a representation of the “on” and “off” states for the push button.

The representation might be an image, stored in the :tag-glyph property, or text. If it is text, it might be the value of the :tag property, or the :value of the widget, surrounded with widget-push-button-prefix and widget-push-button-suffix. See Customization.


Buttonizes the widget, to make it clickable.