Font utilities

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15.1.2 GSrenderfont output size

For convenience, GSrenderfont allows you to independently specify the point size and the resolution of the output font: the `-point-size' option, as an integer in points, and the latter with `-dpi' in pixels per inch. The defaults are 10pt and 300dpi.

Because PostScript fonts are (in practice) linearly scaled, however, GSrenderfont does not put the point size in the output filename. Instead, it simply computes the final resolution as the `dpi' multiplied by the `point-size' divided by 10. This assumes that the default size of the fonts as used in TeX is 10pt, which is true for the PostScript fonts distributed with Dvips.

For example, supposing the output filename is `ptmr', and you specify `-point-size=12', the bitmap font will be named `ptmr.360pk'.