Font utilities

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4. Bugs

(This chapter is adapted from the analogous one in the GCC manual, written by Richard Stallman.)

Your bug reports are essential in making these programs reliable.

Reporting a bug may help you by bringing a solution to your problem, or it may not. (If it does not, look in the service directory, which is part of the GNU CC and GNU Emacs distributions.) In any case, the principal function of a bug report is to help the entire community by making the next release work better.

Send bug reports for the GNU font utilities, or for their documentation, to the address We also welcome suggestions for improvements, no matter how small.

In order for a bug report to serve its purpose, you must include the information that makes for fixing the bug, as described below.

Thanks (in advance)!

4.1 Bug criteria  Have you found a bug?
4.2 Bug reporting  How to effectively report a bug.