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11.6 BZR files

This section describes the technical definition of the BZR file format. It is intended for programmers who wish to write other programs which read or write such files. The present distribution includes a subroutine library which can be shared among programs (Limn, BPLtoBZR, and BZRto all use it); new programs can and probably should use the existing library as well. The source code is in the `bzr' directory.

The BZR file format shares the philosophy of the TeX project file formats (DVI, GF, PK, etc.): machine-independence; compactness; and easy interpretation.

BZR files have three parts: a preamble, character definitions, and a postamble. We describe each below, as well as some general considerations.

11.6.1 BZR format introduction  General concepts and definitions.
11.6.2 BZR preamble  The beginning.
11.6.3 BZR characters  The middle.
11.6.4 BZR postamble  The end.