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11.6.4 BZR postamble

The postamble of a BZR file consists of the following. See section 11.6.1 BZR format introduction, for general information about BZR files and for the definition of the types used here.

POST @cmindex POST opcode in BZR files
llx[3] lly[3] urx[3] ury[3]
character locators (see below)
POST_POST @cmindex POST_POST opcode in BZR files
1 to any number of NO_OP's

Here is a description of these components:

This way of ending BZR files makes it straightforward to process a BZR file from end to beginning, even though it must of course be written beginning to end. The BZR-reading program can position itself at the end of the file, skip over the NO_OP bytes at the end to the id byte, and then read the pointer to the postamble proper, which provides enough information to read each character individually. This eliminates the need to read the entire (potentially large) BZR file into memory before doing any processing.

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