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4. SQL schema, SQLite and gama-local

The input data for a local geodetic network adjustment (program gama-local) can be strored in SQLite 3 database file. The general information about SQLite can be found at


Input data (points, observations and other related information) are stored in SQLite database file. Native SQLite C/C++ API is used for reading SQLite database file. It is described at


Please note if you compile GNU Gama as described in Install and SQLite library is not installed on your system, GNU Gama would be compiled without SQLite support.

SQL schema (CREATE statements) is in gama-local-schema.sql file which is part of GNU Gama distribution and is in the xml directory.

All tables for gama-local are prefixed with gnu_gama_local_. In the documentation table names are referred without this prefix. For example table gnu_gama_local_points is referred as points.

Database scheme used for SQLite database is also valid in other SQL database systems. Almost every column has some constraint to ensure correctness.

You can convert existing XML input file to SQL commands with program gama-local-xml2sql, for example

$ gama-local-xml2sql geodet-pc geodet-pc-123.gkf geodet-pc.sql

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