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A.7 Common Extensions Summary

This section summarizes the common extensions supported by gawk, Brian Kernighan’s awk, and mawk, the three most widely-used freely available versions of awk (see Other Versions).

FeatureBWK AwkMawkGNU Awk
\x’ Escape sequenceXXX
FS as null stringXXX
/dev/stdin special fileXXX
/dev/stdout special fileXXX
/dev/stderr special fileXXX
delete without subscriptXXX
fflush() functionXXX
length() of an arrayXXX
nextfile statementXXX
** and **= operatorsXX
func keywordXX
BINMODE variableXX
RS as regexpXX
Time related functionsXX

(Technically speaking, as of late 2012, fflush(), ‘delete array’, and nextfile are no longer extensions, since they have been added to POSIX.)