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Introduction to Ggradebook

Ggradebook is the fully-featured GNU gradebook; an application for tracking student grades for teachers. It uses GTK+ and can optionally be compiled to use GNOME. The author of Ggradebook is Norbert de Jonge.

You can see a screenshot of Ggradebook 0.90 here.

downloading Ggradebook

The main ftp distribution site of Ggradebook is You may want to use one of the mirrors, though.

You can also navigate the CVS repository at (the link "Download tarball" at the bottom of the page lets you get a tarball of the current snapshot).

Ggradebook Development

Ggradebook is a free project in which anyone interested can participate. If you'd like to follow or contribute to the development of Ggradebook, please visit the project's page in Savannah: You will also find there a pointer to the mailing lists of the project.

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