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Audit-trail formats

These formats are similar to the named query formats, but they include more options. They are used for formatting audit-trail entries and for outgoing email messages.

There is currently only one audit-trail format, defined by the audit-trail-format option:

audit-trail-format {
  format "formatstring"
  [ fields { "fieldname" [ "fieldname" ... ] } ]

For those fields that require an audit-trail entry, the audit-trail text to be appended is formatted as described by this format. The per-field audit-trail-format is used in preference to this one, if it exists.

formatstring and fieldname are similar to those used by the named query format. fieldname may also be a format parameter, which is a context-specific value. (Format parameters are distinguished from fieldnames by a leading dollar sign ($)).

The following format parameters are defined for audit-trail-format entries:

The name of the field for which an audit-trail entry is being created.
The old value of the field.
The new field value.
The email address of the user editing the field. Set by the EDITADDR gnatsd command or from the responsible file; if not available, user's local address is used.
The current date.
The reason for the change; may be blank if no reason was supplied.

These parameters may be used anywhere a fieldname can appear.