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The dbconfig file

The dbconfig configuration file controls the configuration of a GNATS database. Each database has its own individual copy of this file, which is located in the gnats-adm subdirectory of the database.

The file consists of standard plain text. Whitespace is completely optional and is ignored. Sets of braces @ are used to delimit the different sections, and all non-keyword values must be surrounded with double quotes. The values in dbconfig can be changed at any time; the new values take effect for all subsequent iterations of GNATS tools.

The dbconfig file contains 6 major sections, which must appear in the following order:

The different sections are described below. While reading the following sections, it will be useful to refer to the sample dbconfig file which is installed when a new database is initialized with the mkdb tool. In fact, the sample file provides a configuration that should be usable for a great range of sites, since it reproduces the behaviour of the older, less customizable 3.x versions of GNATS.