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Mail header fields

A Problem Report may contain any mail header field described in the Internet standard RFC-822. The send-pr tool can be configured either to submit PRs to the support site by e-mail or by talking directly to the gnatsd network daemon on the GNATS server. This is also true for other client tools such as Gnatsweb. Even when these tools are set up submit PRs directly to gnatsd, they will still include mail header fields that identify the sender and the subject in the submitted PR:

The mail address for the Support Site, automatically supplied by the tool used to submit the PR or by the originator if plain e-mail was used.
A terse description of the problem. This field normally contains the same information as the Synopsis field.
Supplied automatically when PRs are submitted by plain e-mail and when well-behaved tools such as send-pr are used; should always contain the originator's e-mail address.
A return address to which electronic replies can be sent; in most cases, the same address as the From: field.

One of the configurable options for GNATS is whether or not to retain Received-By headers, which often consume a lot of space and are not often used. See The dbconfig file.