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Projects 2006

GNU Telephony Secure Calling

With release 1.5 of the GNU RTP stack, ccrtp, we are introducing a RTP framework that now supports the Secure RTP profile, as defined in RFC 3711, and with the libzrtpcpp addon library, a GNU GPL licensed implimentation of Phil Zimmermann's ZRTP protocol, as used in the zphone VOIP proxy which allows for discreet passing of encrypted voice over existing VOIP infrastructure. By offering a native secure RTP and ZRTP framework that can be directly embedded in communication applications, GNU Telephony intends to promote the development and widespread use of secure voice and vidio communication services worldwide. However, secure RTP is only a part of the overall GNU Telephony Secure Calling project, who's goal is to promote privacy and individual liberty by making it technologically infeasable to engage in passive communication intercept.

GNU Telephony Open Embedded

This is a new project to further port and develop GNU Telephony based solutions and libraries for general use on handheld devices and appliance servers using the Open Embedded build environment. We are targetting client handheld environments with builds for softphones such as Linphone and Twinkle modified for GPE and Opie (Free Qtopia), as well as embedded server environments such as the Linksys storage appliance. The GNU Telephony Open Embedded project page has further details.

Bayonne 2 Dialogic Drivers

This project is intended to deliver Dialogic drivers for the Bayonne2 telephony server. This is based loosely on pre-existing Dialogic support that was found in Bayonne1 and more directly from the experiment in Bayonne2-nonfree before nonfree drivers were separated. Like in Bayonne1, this support operates through the Dialogic runtime system distibution and the streams driver layer using the Dialogic upper level API's. Under GNU/Linux, best results probably would be achieved using CentOS 2.1. Current distribution of this driver is found here [unavailable].


CAPE is a bundled set of runtime libraries, headers, and link files for those doing native development of GNU Telephony under Microsoft Windows. All file releases are found in the main download page [unavailable]. In the future if there is demand we may add 64 bit builds of CAPE, and dedicated native builds for wince.