Download GNU Go


GNU Go 3.8 and the development versions run well on GNU/Linux systems. Download the tar-ball and follow the instructions in README to compile the program.

You can use Quarry, CGoban 1, Jago or gGo as a graphical user interface. An ASCII interface and an Emacs mode are also supported.


To have a graphical Go board, you should install Jago or gGo. Then, download any of the binaries below, and save them at a place where your chosen user interface can find it.


  • If you have OS X, we recommend Sente Software's FreeGoban, a well-liked GPL'ed user interface for Macintosh OS X that includes GNU Go.
  • Mac GNU Go will run GNU Go 3.2 with a graphical interface under OS 9. There are English and Japanese versions. A bug in the client causes occasional crashes.
  • GNU Go 3.8 can be compiled without difficultly under Mac OS X.

Development versions

GNU Go is under continuous development. Development versions may be stronger but are not guaranteed to be as well tested as the stable version. The GNU Go development page is your source for the very latest version.

Send inquiries and bug reports to