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Functions Index: H – S

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has_neighbor18.3 Board Utilities
hashnode_new_result11.2.2 Organization of the hash table
hashtable_enter_position11.2.2 Organization of the hash table
hashtable_enter_position11.2.2 Organization of the hash table
hashtable_search11.2.2 Organization of the hash table
have_common_lib18.3 Board Utilities

increase_depth_values18.1 General Utilities
influence_mark_non_territory18.4 Utilities from ‘engine/influence.c
init_gnugo17.1 How to use the engine in your own program: getting started
init_gnugo17.4 Functions which manipulate a Position
is_corner_vertex18.3 Board Utilities
is_edge_vertex18.3 Board Utilities
is_eye_space8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
is_false_eye8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
is_halfeye8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
is_hoshi_point18.2 Print Utilities
is_illegal_ko_capture18.3 Board Utilities
is_ko18.3 Board Utilities
is_ko_point18.3 Board Utilities
is_legal4.5.1 Files in ‘engine/
is_legal18.3 Board Utilities
is_marginal_eye_space8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
is_pass18.3 Board Utilities
is_proper_eye_space8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
is_self_atari18.3 Board Utilities
is_suicide18.3 Board Utilities

komaster_trymove15.4 Some Board Functions

liberty_of_string18.3 Board Utilities
location_to_buffer18.2 Print Utilities
location_to_string18.2 Print Utilities

make_domains7.1 Worms
make_domains8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
mark_string18.3 Board Utilities
max_eye_threat8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
max_eye_value8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
max_eyes8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
maxterri9.3 Pattern Attributes
maxvalue9.3 Pattern Attributes
min_eye_threat8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
min_eyes8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
minterri9.3 Pattern Attributes
minvalue9.3 Pattern Attributes
modify_depth_values18.1 General Utilities
modify_eye_spaces19.10 Connections Functions
modify_eye_spaces19.10 Connections Functions
move_in_stack18.3 Board Utilities
mprintf18.2 Print Utilities

near14. Monte Carlo Go
neighbor_of_string18.3 Board Utilities

obvious_false_eye8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
ocap014. Monte Carlo Go
ocap114. Monte Carlo Go
ocap1+14. Monte Carlo Go
ocap1-14. Monte Carlo Go
ocap214. Monte Carlo Go
ocap2+14. Monte Carlo Go
ocap2-14. Monte Carlo Go
ocap314. Monte Carlo Go
osafe14. Monte Carlo Go
OTHER_COLOR17.2 Basic Data Structures in the Engine
ounsafe14. Monte Carlo Go
owl_attack12.1 The Owl Code
owl_defend12.1 The Owl Code
owl_reasons4.2 Move Generators
owl_reasons6.3.9 Attacking and Defending Dragons

partition_eyespaces8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
play_attack_defend2_n18.1 General Utilities
play_attack_defend_n18.1 General Utilities
play_break_through_n18.1 General Utilities
play_connect_n18.1 General Utilities
play_move15.4 Some Board Functions
popgo4.5.1 Files in ‘engine/
popgo15.4 Some Board Functions
propagate_eye8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
proper_superstring_chainlingks18.1 General Utilities
purge_persistent_breakin_cache11.3 Persistent Reading Cache
purge_persistent_connection_cache11.3 Persistent Reading Cache
purge_persistent_owl_cache11.3 Persistent Reading Cache
purge_persistent_reading_cache11.3 Persistent Reading Cache

remove_stone18.3 Board Utilities
restore_board18.3 Board Utilities
restore_depth_values18.1 General Utilities
result_to_string18.2 Print Utilities
revise_semeai4.2 Move Generators
revise_thrashing_dragon4.2 Move Generators

safe_move11.1.3 Reading cutoff and depth parameters
safety_to_string18.2 Print Utilities
same_string18.3 Board Utilities
search_persistent_reading_cache11.3 Persistent Reading Cache
second_order_liberty_of_string18.3 Board Utilities
semeai4.2 Move Generators
set_depth_values18.1 General Utilities
set_eyevalue8.11 Functions in ‘optics.c
shape9.3 Pattern Attributes
shapes4.2 Move Generators
shapes_callback9.1 Overview
showboard18.2 Print Utilities
simple_showboard18.2 Print Utilities
small_semeai11.1.3 Reading cutoff and depth parameters
somewhere18.1 General Utilities
start_timer18.1 General Utilities
status_to_string18.2 Print Utilities
stones_on_board18.3 Board Utilities
store_board18.3 Board Utilities
store_persistent_reading_cache11.3 Persistent Reading Cache
store_persistent_reading_cache11.3 Persistent Reading Cache
string_connect11.10 Connection Reading
string_to_location18.2 Print Utilities
superstring_chainlinks18.1 General Utilities

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