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2.7 Collaborative Development

Gnulib is maintained collaboratively. The mailing list is <bug-gnulib at gnu dot org>. Be warned that some people on the list may be very active at some times and unresponsive at other times.

Every module has one or more maintainers. While issues are discussed collaboratively on the list, the maintainer of a module nevertheless has a veto right regarding changes in his module.

All patches should be posted to the list, regardless whether they are proposed patches or whether they are committed immediately by the maintainer of the particular module. The purpose is not only to inform the other users of the module, but mainly to allow peer review. It is not uncommon that several people contribute comments or spot bugs after a patch was proposed.

Conversely, if you are using Gnulib, and a patch is posted that affects one of the modules that your package uses, you have an interest in proofreading the patch.