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Index Entry  Section

$: Match-end-of-line Operator

(: Grouping Operators

): Grouping Operators

*: Match-zero-or-more Operator

+: Match-one-or-more Operator

-: List Operators

.: Match-any-character Operator

=]’ in regex: Equivalence Class Operators

?: Match-zero-or-one Operator

[: List Operators
[=’ in regex: Equivalence Class Operators
[colon’ in regex: Character Class Operators
[^: List Operators

\: The Backslash Character
\: List Operators
\': Match-end-of-string Operator
\(: Grouping Operators
\): Grouping Operators
\<: Match-beginning-of-word Operator
\>: Match-end-of-word Operator
\b: Match-word-boundary Operator
\B: Match-within-word Operator
\s: Match-space Operator
\S: Match-non-space Operator
\w: Match-word-constituent Operator
\W: Match-non-word-constituent Operator
\`: Match-beginning-of-string Operator
\{: Interval Operators
\|: Alternation Operator
\}: Interval Operators

]: List Operators

^: Match-beginning-of-line Operator
^: List Operators

_Exit: _Exit
_exit: _exit
_Fork: _Fork
_GL_EXTERN_INLINE: extern inline
_GL_INLINE: extern inline
_GL_INLINE_HEADER_BEGIN: extern inline
_GL_INLINE_HEADER_END: extern inline
_longjmp: _longjmp
_Noreturn: Non-returning Functions
_setjmp: _setjmp
_tolower: _tolower
_toupper: _toupper
__attribute__: Attributes
__libc_single_threaded: __libc_single_threaded
__VA_ARGS__: C99 features assumed

{: Interval Operators

|: Alternation Operator

}: Interval Operators

a64l: a64l
abort: abort
Aborting execution: Out of memory handling
abs: abs
accept: accept
accept4: accept4
access: access
acct: acct
acos: acos
acosf: acosf
acosh: acosh
acoshf: acoshf
acoshl: acoshl
acosl: acosl
AC_LIB_HAVE_LINKFLAGS(name, [dependencies], [includes], [testcode], [missing-message]): Searching for Libraries
AC_LIB_LINKFLAGS(name, [dependencies]): Searching for Libraries
addmntent: addmntent
addseverity: addseverity
adjtime: adjtime
adjtimex: adjtimex
advance: advance
aio_cancel: aio_cancel
aio_error: aio_error
aio_fsync: aio_fsync
aio_init: aio_init
aio_read: aio_read
aio_return: aio_return
aio_suspend: aio_suspend
aio_write: aio_write
alarm: alarm
aligned_alloc: aligned_alloc
ALLOC: Safe Allocation Macros
alloca: alloca
alloca: alloca-opt
allocated initialization: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
ALLOC_N: Safe Allocation Macros
ALLOC_N_UNINITIALIZED: Safe Allocation Macros
alphasort: alphasort
alternation operator: Alternation Operator
alternation operator and ‘^: Match-beginning-of-line Operator
anchoring: Anchoring Operators
anchors: Match-beginning-of-line Operator
anchors: Match-end-of-line Operator
argp_error: argp_error
argp_err_exit_status: argp_err_exit_status
argp_failure: argp_failure
argp_help: argp_help
argp_parse: argp_parse
argp_program_bug_address: argp_program_bug_address
argp_program_version: argp_program_version
argp_program_version_hook: argp_program_version_hook
argp_state_help: argp_state_help
argp_usage: argp_usage
argz_add: argz_add
argz_add_sep: argz_add_sep
argz_append: argz_append
argz_count: argz_count
argz_create: argz_create
argz_create_sep: argz_create_sep
argz_delete: argz_delete
argz_extract: argz_extract
argz_insert: argz_insert
argz_next: argz_next
argz_replace: argz_replace
argz_stringify: argz_stringify
asctime: asctime
asctime_r: asctime_r
asin: asin
asinf: asinf
asinh: asinh
asinhf: asinhf
asinhl: asinhl
asinl: asinl
asprintf: asprintf
assert: assert
assertion: Compile-time Assertions
atan: atan
atan2: atan2
atan2f: atan2f
atan2l: atan2l
atanf: atanf
atanh: atanh
atanhf: atanhf
atanhl: atanhl
atanl: atanl
atexit: atexit
atof: atof
atoi: atoi
atol: atol
atoll: atoll
Attributes: Attributes
authdes_create: authdes_create
authdes_getucred: authdes_getucred
authdes_pk_create: authdes_pk_create
authnone_create: authnone_create
authunix_create: authunix_create
authunix_create_default: authunix_create_default
autopoint, caveat: gettextize and autopoint
Awk: Predefined Syntaxes

back-references: Back-reference Operator
backtrace: backtrace
backtrace_symbols: backtrace_symbols
backtrace_symbols_fd: backtrace_symbols_fd
backtracking: Match-zero-or-more Operator
backtracking: Alternation Operator
basename: basename
bcmp: bcmp
bcopy: bcopy
bdflush: bdflush
beginning-of-line operator: Match-beginning-of-line Operator
bind: bind
bindresvport: bindresvport
bindtextdomain: bindtextdomain
bind_textdomain_codeset: bind_textdomain_codeset
block size: stat-size
bracket expression: List Operators
brk: brk
bsd_signal: bsd_signal
bsearch: bsearch
bswap_16: bswap_16
bswap_32: bswap_32
bswap_64: bswap_64
btowc: btowc
buffer field, set by re_compile_pattern: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
buffer initialization: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
bzero: bzero

C++ header files: Header files
C++ tests modules: Extra tests modules
c16rtomb: c16rtomb
c32rtomb: c32rtomb
c8rtomb: c8rtomb
cabs: cabs
cabsf: cabsf
cabsl: cabsl
cacos: cacos
cacosf: cacosf
cacosh: cacosh
cacoshf: cacoshf
cacoshl: cacoshl
cacosl: cacosl
calloc: calloc
callrpc: callrpc
call_once: call_once
canonicalize: canonicalize
canonicalizef: canonicalizef
canonicalizel: canonicalizel
canonicalize_file_name: canonicalize_file_name
capget: capget
capset: capset
carg: carg
cargf: cargf
cargl: cargl
casin: casin
casinf: casinf
casinh: casinh
casinhf: casinhf
casinhl: casinhl
casinl: casinl
catan: catan
catanf: catanf
catanh: catanh
catanhf: catanhf
catanhl: catanhl
catanl: catanl
catclose: catclose
catgets: catgets
catopen: catopen
cbrt: cbrt
cbrtf: cbrtf
cbrtl: cbrtl
ccos: ccos
ccosf: ccosf
ccosh: ccosh
ccoshf: ccoshf
ccoshl: ccoshl
ccosl: ccosl
ceil: ceil
ceilf: ceilf
ceill: ceill
cexp: cexp
cexpf: cexpf
cexpl: cexpl
cfgetispeed: cfgetispeed
cfgetospeed: cfgetospeed
cfmakeraw: cfmakeraw
cfree: cfree
cfsetispeed: cfsetispeed
cfsetospeed: cfsetospeed
cfsetspeed: cfsetspeed
character classes: Character Class Operators
chdir: chdir
chmod: chmod
chown: chown
chroot: chroot
cimag: cimag
cimagf: cimagf
cimagl: cimagl
clearenv: clearenv
clearerr: clearerr
clearerr_unlocked: clearerr_unlocked
clntraw_create: clntraw_create
clnttcp_create: clnttcp_create
clntudp_bufcreate: clntudp_bufcreate
clntudp_create: clntudp_create
clntunix_create: clntunix_create
clnt_broadcast: clnt_broadcast
clnt_create: clnt_create
clnt_pcreateerror: clnt_pcreateerror
clnt_perrno: clnt_perrno
clnt_perror: clnt_perror
clnt_spcreateerror: clnt_spcreateerror
clnt_sperrno: clnt_sperrno
clnt_sperror: clnt_sperror
clock: clock
clock_adjtime: clock_adjtime
clock_getcpuclockid: clock_getcpuclockid
clock_getres: clock_getres
clock_gettime: clock_gettime
clock_nanosleep: clock_nanosleep
clock_settime: clock_settime
clog: clog
clog10: clog10
clog10f: clog10f
clog10l: clog10l
clogf: clogf
clogl: clogl
clone: clone
close: close
closedir: closedir
closefrom: closefrom
closelog: closelog
cnd_broadcast: cnd_broadcast
cnd_destroy: cnd_destroy
cnd_init: cnd_init
cnd_signal: cnd_signal
cnd_timedwait: cnd_timedwait
cnd_wait: cnd_wait
colon]’ in regex: Character Class Operators
comments describing functions: Specification
conditional dependencies: Conditional dependencies
configmake module: configmake
configmake.h, module for updating: configmake
confstr: confstr
conj: conj
conjf: conjf
conjl: conjl
connect: connect
copysign: copysign
copysignf: copysignf
copysignl: copysignl
copy_file_range: copy_file_range
cos: cos
cosf: cosf
cosh: cosh
coshf: coshf
coshl: coshl
cosl: cosl
cpow: cpow
cpowf: cpowf
cpowl: cpowl
cproj: cproj
cprojf: cprojf
cprojl: cprojl
creal: creal
crealf: crealf
creall: creall
creat: creat
crypt: crypt
csin: csin
csinf: csinf
csinh: csinh
csinhf: csinhf
csinhl: csinhl
csinl: csinl
csqrt: csqrt
csqrtf: csqrtf
csqrtl: csqrtl
ctan: ctan
ctanf: ctanf
ctanh: ctanh
ctanhf: ctanhf
ctanhl: ctanhl
ctanl: ctanl
ctermid: ctermid
ctime: ctime
ctime_r: ctime_r
cuserid: cuserid

daddl: daddl
daemon: daemon
daylight: daylight
dbm_clearerr: dbm_clearerr
dbm_close: dbm_close
dbm_delete: dbm_delete
dbm_error: dbm_error
dbm_fetch: dbm_fetch
dbm_firstkey: dbm_firstkey
dbm_nextkey: dbm_nextkey
dbm_open: dbm_open
dbm_store: dbm_store
dcgettext: dcgettext
dcngettext: dcngettext
ddivl: ddivl
DEF files: Visual Studio Compatibility
describing functions, locating: Specification
dgettext: dgettext
difftime: difftime
dirent-safer: Closed standard fds
dirfd: dirfd
dirname: dirname
div: div
dladdr: dladdr
dladdr1: dladdr1
dlclose: dlclose
dlerror: dlerror
dlinfo: dlinfo
dlmopen: dlmopen
dlopen: dlopen
dlsym: dlsym
dlvsym: dlvsym
dl_iterate_phdr: dl_iterate_phdr
dmull: dmull
dngettext: dngettext
dn_comp: dn_comp
dn_expand: dn_expand
dn_skipname: dn_skipname
double inclusion of header files: Header files
dprintf: dprintf
drand48: drand48
drand48_r: drand48_r
drem: drem
dremf: dremf
dreml: dreml
dsubl: dsubl
dup: dup
dup2: dup2
dup3: dup3
duplocale: duplocale
dysize: dysize

eaccess: eaccess
ecvt: ecvt
ecvt_r: ecvt_r
Egrep: Predefined Syntaxes
Emacs: Predefined Syntaxes
encrypt: encrypt
end in struct re_registers: Using Registers
end-of-line operator: Match-end-of-line Operator
endaliasent: endaliasent
endfsent: endfsent
endgrent: endgrent
endhostent: endhostent
endmntent: endmntent
endnetent: endnetent
endnetgrent: endnetgrent
endprotoent: endprotoent
endpwent: endpwent
endrpcent: endrpcent
endservent: endservent
endsgent: endsgent
endspent: endspent
endttyent: endttyent
endusershell: endusershell
endutent: endutent
endutxent: endutxent
environ: environ
envz_add: envz_add
envz_entry: envz_entry
envz_get: envz_get
envz_merge: envz_merge
envz_remove: envz_remove
envz_strip: envz_strip
epoll_create: epoll_create
epoll_create1: epoll_create1
epoll_ctl: epoll_ctl
epoll_pwait: epoll_pwait
epoll_wait: epoll_wait
equivalence class expression in regex: Equivalence Class Operators
erand48: erand48
erand48_r: erand48_r
erf: erf
erfc: erfc
erfcf: erfcf
erfcl: erfcl
erff: erff
erfl: erfl
err: err
errno: errno
error: error
error: progname and getprogname
error_at_line: error_at_line
error_message_count: error_message_count
error_one_per_line: error_one_per_line
error_print_progname: error_print_progname
errx: errx
ether_aton: ether_aton
ether_aton_r: ether_aton_r
ether_hostton: ether_hostton
ether_line: ether_line
ether_ntoa: ether_ntoa
ether_ntoa_r: ether_ntoa_r
ether_ntohost: ether_ntohost
euidaccess: euidaccess
eventfd: eventfd
eventfd_read: eventfd_read
eventfd_write: eventfd_write
execl: execl
execle: execle
execlp: execlp
execv: execv
execve: execve
execveat: execveat
execvp: execvp
execvpe: execvpe
exit: exit
exp: exp
exp10: exp10
exp10f: exp10f
exp10l: exp10l
exp2: exp2
exp2f: exp2f
exp2l: exp2l
expf: expf
expl: expl
explicit_bzero: explicit_bzero
expm1: expm1
expm1f: expm1f
expm1l: expm1l
EXPR_SIGNED: Arithmetic Type Properties
extern inline: extern inline
Extra tests modules: Extra tests modules

fabs: fabs
fabsf: fabsf
fabsl: fabsl
faccessat: faccessat
fadd: fadd
faddl: faddl
fallocate: fallocate
fanotify_init: fanotify_init
fanotify_mark: fanotify_mark
fastmap initialization: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
fastmaps: Searching with Fastmaps
fattach: fattach
fchdir: fchdir
fchmod: fchmod
fchmodat: fchmodat
fchown: fchown
fchownat: fchownat
fclose: fclose
fcloseall: fcloseall
fcntl: fcntl
fcntl-safer: Closed standard fds
fcvt: fcvt
fcvt_r: fcvt_r
fdatasync: fdatasync
fdetach: fdetach
fdim: fdim
fdimf: fdimf
fdiml: fdiml
fdiv: fdiv
fdivl: fdivl
fdopen: fdopen
fdopendir: fdopendir
feclearexcept: feclearexcept
fedisableexcept: fedisableexcept
feenableexcept: feenableexcept
fegetenv: fegetenv
fegetexcept: fegetexcept
fegetexceptflag: fegetexceptflag
fegetmode: fegetmode
fegetround: fegetround
feholdexcept: feholdexcept
feof: feof
feof_unlocked: feof_unlocked
feraiseexcept: feraiseexcept
ferror: ferror
ferror_unlocked: ferror_unlocked
fesetenv: fesetenv
fesetexcept: fesetexcept
fesetexceptflag: fesetexceptflag
fesetmode: fesetmode
fesetround: fesetround
fetestexcept: fetestexcept
fetestexceptflag: fetestexceptflag
feupdateenv: feupdateenv
fexecve: fexecve
fflush: fflush
fflush_unlocked: fflush_unlocked
ffs: ffs
ffsl: ffsl
ffsll: ffsll
fgetc: fgetc
fgetc_unlocked: fgetc_unlocked
fgetfilecon: fgetfilecon
fgetgrent: fgetgrent
fgetgrent_r: fgetgrent_r
fgetpos: fgetpos
fgetpwent: fgetpwent
fgetpwent_r: fgetpwent_r
fgets: fgets
fgetsgent: fgetsgent
fgetsgent_r: fgetsgent_r
fgetspent: fgetspent
fgetspent_r: fgetspent_r
fgets_unlocked: fgets_unlocked
fgetwc: fgetwc
fgetwc_unlocked: fgetwc_unlocked
fgetws: fgetws
fgetws_unlocked: fgetws_unlocked
fgetxattr: fgetxattr
fileno: fileno
fileno_unlocked: fileno_unlocked
Finding modules: Which modules?
finite: finite
finitef: finitef
finitel: finitel
flistxattr: flistxattr
flock: flock
flockfile: flockfile
floor: floor
floorf: floorf
floorl: floorl
fma: fma
fmaf: fmaf
fmal: fmal
fmax: fmax
fmaxf: fmaxf
fmaxl: fmaxl
fmaxmag: fmaxmag
fmaxmagf: fmaxmagf
fmaxmagl: fmaxmagl
fmemopen: fmemopen
fmin: fmin
fminf: fminf
fminl: fminl
fminmag: fminmag
fminmagf: fminmagf
fminmagl: fminmagl
fmod: fmod
fmodf: fmodf
fmodl: fmodl
fmtmsg: fmtmsg
fmul: fmul
fmull: fmull
fnmatch: fnmatch
fopen: fopen
fopen-safer: Closed standard fds
fopencookie: fopencookie
fork: fork
forkpty: forkpty
fpathconf: fpathconf
fpclassify: fpclassify
fprintf: fprintf
fputc: fputc
fputc_unlocked: fputc_unlocked
fputs: fputs
fputs_unlocked: fputs_unlocked
fputwc: fputwc
fputwc_unlocked: fputwc_unlocked
fputws: fputws
fputws_unlocked: fputws_unlocked
fread: fread
fread_unlocked: fread_unlocked
free: free
FREE: Safe Allocation Macros
freeaddrinfo: freeaddrinfo
freeifaddrs: freeifaddrs
freelocale: freelocale
fremovexattr: fremovexattr
freopen: freopen
freopen-safer: Closed standard fds
frexp: frexp
frexpf: frexpf
frexpl: frexpl
fromfp: fromfp
fromfpf: fromfpf
fromfpl: fromfpl
fromfpx: fromfpx
fromfpxf: fromfpxf
fromfpxl: fromfpxl
fscanf: fscanf
fseek: fseek
fseeko: fseeko
fsetpos: fsetpos
fsetxattr: fsetxattr
fstat: fstat
fstatat: fstatat
fstatfs: fstatfs
fstatvfs: fstatvfs
fsub: fsub
fsubl: fsubl
fsync: fsync
ftell: ftell
ftello: ftello
ftime: ftime
ftok: ftok
ftruncate: ftruncate
ftrylockfile: ftrylockfile
fts_children: fts_children
fts_close: fts_close
fts_open: fts_open
fts_read: fts_read
fts_set: fts_set
ftw: ftw
funlockfile: funlockfile
futimens: futimens
futimes: futimes
futimesat: futimesat
fwide: fwide
fwprintf: fwprintf
fwrite: fwrite
fwrite_unlocked: fwrite_unlocked
fwscanf: fwscanf

gai_strerror: gai_strerror
gamma: gamma
gammaf: gammaf
gammal: gammal
gcd: gcd
gcvt: gcvt
getaddrinfo: getaddrinfo
getaliasbyname: getaliasbyname
getaliasbyname_r: getaliasbyname_r
getaliasent: getaliasent
getaliasent_r: getaliasent_r
getauxval: getauxval
getc: getc
getchar: getchar
getchar_unlocked: getchar_unlocked
getcontext: getcontext
getcpu: getcpu
getcwd: getcwd
getc_unlocked: getc_unlocked
getdate: getdate
getdate_err: getdate_err
getdate_r: getdate_r
getdelim: getdelim
getdirentries: getdirentries
getdomainname: getdomainname
getdtablesize: getdtablesize
getegid: getegid
getentropy: getentropy
getenv: getenv
geteuid: geteuid
getfilecon: getfilecon
getfsent: getfsent
getfsfile: getfsfile
getfsspec: getfsspec
getgid: getgid
getgrent: getgrent
getgrent_r: getgrent_r
getgrgid: getgrgid
getgrgid_r: getgrgid_r
getgrnam: getgrnam
getgrnam_r: getgrnam_r
getgrouplist: getgrouplist
getgroups: getgroups
gethostbyaddr: gethostbyaddr
gethostbyaddr_r: gethostbyaddr_r
gethostbyname: gethostbyname
gethostbyname2: gethostbyname2
gethostbyname2_r: gethostbyname2_r
gethostbyname_r: gethostbyname_r
gethostent: gethostent
gethostent_r: gethostent_r
gethostid: gethostid
gethostname: gethostname
getifaddrs: getifaddrs
getipv4sourcefilter: getipv4sourcefilter
getitimer: getitimer
getline: getline
getloadavg: getloadavg
getlogin: getlogin
getlogin_r: getlogin_r
getmntent: getmntent
getmntent_r: getmntent_r
getmsg: getmsg
getnameinfo: getnameinfo
getnetbyaddr: getnetbyaddr
getnetbyaddr_r: getnetbyaddr_r
getnetbyname: getnetbyname
getnetbyname_r: getnetbyname_r
getnetent: getnetent
getnetent_r: getnetent_r
getnetgrent: getnetgrent
getnetgrent_r: getnetgrent_r
getnetname: getnetname
getopt: getopt
getopt_long: getopt_long
getopt_long_only: getopt_long_only
getpagesize: getpagesize
getpass: getpass
getpayload: getpayload
getpayloadf: getpayloadf
getpayloadl: getpayloadl
getpeername: getpeername
getpgid: getpgid
getpgrp: getpgrp
getpid: getpid
getpmsg: getpmsg
getppid: getppid
getpriority: getpriority
getprogname: progname and getprogname
getprotobyname: getprotobyname
getprotobyname_r: getprotobyname_r
getprotobynumber: getprotobynumber
getprotobynumber_r: getprotobynumber_r
getprotoent: getprotoent
getprotoent_r: getprotoent_r
getpt: getpt
getpublickey: getpublickey
getpw: getpw
getpwent: getpwent
getpwent_r: getpwent_r
getpwnam: getpwnam
getpwnam_r: getpwnam_r
getpwuid: getpwuid
getpwuid_r: getpwuid_r
getrandom: getrandom
getresgid: getresgid
getresuid: getresuid
getrlimit: getrlimit
getrpcbyname: getrpcbyname
getrpcbyname_r: getrpcbyname_r
getrpcbynumber: getrpcbynumber
getrpcbynumber_r: getrpcbynumber_r
getrpcent: getrpcent
getrpcent_r: getrpcent_r
getrpcport: getrpcport
getrusage: getrusage
gets: gets
getsecretkey: getsecretkey
getservbyname: getservbyname
getservbyname_r: getservbyname_r
getservbyport: getservbyport
getservbyport_r: getservbyport_r
getservent: getservent
getservent_r: getservent_r
getsgent: getsgent
getsgent_r: getsgent_r
getsgnam: getsgnam
getsgnam_r: getsgnam_r
getsid: getsid
getsockname: getsockname
getsockopt: getsockopt
getsourcefilter: getsourcefilter
getspent: getspent
getspent_r: getspent_r
getspnam: getspnam
getspnam_r: getspnam_r
getsubopt: getsubopt
gettext: gettext
gettextize, caveat: gettextize and autopoint
gettid: gettid
gettimeofday: gettimeofday
getttyent: getttyent
getttynam: getttynam
getuid: getuid
getumask: getumask
getusershell: getusershell
getutent: getutent
getutent_r: getutent_r
getutid: getutid
getutid_r: getutid_r
getutline: getutline
getutline_r: getutline_r
getutmp: getutmp
getutmpx: getutmpx
getutxent: getutxent
getutxid: getutxid
getutxline: getutxline
getw: getw
getwc: getwc
getwchar: getwchar
getwchar_unlocked: getwchar_unlocked
getwc_unlocked: getwc_unlocked
getwd: getwd
getxattr: getxattr
get_avphys_pages: get_avphys_pages
get_current_dir_name: get_current_dir_name
get_myaddress: get_myaddress
get_nprocs: get_nprocs
get_nprocs_conf: get_nprocs_conf
get_phys_pages: get_phys_pages
glob: glob
globfree: globfree
glob_pattern_p: glob_pattern_p
gmtime: gmtime
gmtime_r: gmtime_r
gnulib-tool: Invoking gnulib-tool
gnu_dev_major: gnu_dev_major
gnu_dev_makedev: gnu_dev_makedev
gnu_dev_minor: gnu_dev_minor
gnu_get_libc_release: gnu_get_libc_release
gnu_get_libc_version: gnu_get_libc_version
grantpt: grantpt
Grep: Predefined Syntaxes
grouping: Grouping Operators
group_member: group_member
gsignal: gsignal

hasmntopt: hasmntopt
hcreate: hcreate
hcreate_r: hcreate_r
hdestroy: hdestroy
hdestroy_r: hdestroy_r
header file include protection: Header files
Header files and C++: Header files
herror: herror
host2netname: host2netname
hsearch: hsearch
hsearch_r: hsearch_r
hstrerror: hstrerror
htonl: htonl
htons: htons
hypot: hypot
hypotf: hypotf
hypotl: hypotl
h_errno: h_errno

iconv: iconv
iconv_close: iconv_close
iconv_open: iconv_open
if_freenameindex: if_freenameindex
if_indextoname: if_indextoname
if_nameindex: if_nameindex
if_nametoindex: if_nametoindex
ilogb: ilogb
ilogbf: ilogbf
ilogbl: ilogbl
imaxabs: imaxabs
imaxdiv: imaxdiv
in6addr_any: in6addr_any
in6addr_loopback: in6addr_loopback
index: _index
inet6_option_alloc: inet6_option_alloc
inet6_option_append: inet6_option_append
inet6_option_find: inet6_option_find
inet6_option_init: inet6_option_init
inet6_option_next: inet6_option_next
inet6_option_space: inet6_option_space
inet6_opt_append: inet6_opt_append
inet6_opt_find: inet6_opt_find
inet6_opt_finish: inet6_opt_finish
inet6_opt_get_val: inet6_opt_get_val
inet6_opt_init: inet6_opt_init
inet6_opt_next: inet6_opt_next
inet6_opt_set_val: inet6_opt_set_val
inet6_rth_add: inet6_rth_add
inet6_rth_getaddr: inet6_rth_getaddr
inet6_rth_init: inet6_rth_init
inet6_rth_reverse: inet6_rth_reverse
inet6_rth_segments: inet6_rth_segments
inet6_rth_space: inet6_rth_space
inet_addr: inet_addr
inet_aton: inet_aton
inet_lnaof: inet_lnaof
inet_makeaddr: inet_makeaddr
inet_netof: inet_netof
inet_network: inet_network
inet_net_ntop: inet_net_ntop
inet_net_pton: inet_net_pton
inet_nsap_addr: inet_nsap_addr
inet_nsap_ntoa: inet_nsap_ntoa
inet_ntoa: inet_ntoa
inet_ntop: inet_ntop
inet_pton: inet_pton
initgroups: initgroups
initial import: Initial import
initstate: initstate
initstate_r: initstate_r
inline: static inline
inline: extern inline
innetgr: innetgr
inotify_add_watch: inotify_add_watch
inotify_init: inotify_init
inotify_init1: inotify_init1
inotify_rm_watch: inotify_rm_watch
insque: insque
int: Safe Allocation Macros
int: Safe Allocation Macros
int: Safe Allocation Macros
int: Safe Allocation Macros
integer arithmetic portability: Unsupported Platforms
integer bounds: Integer Bounds
integer overflow: Integer Properties
integer overflow checking: Checking Integer Overflow
integer properties: Integer Properties
integer range overflow: Integer Range Overflow
integer type overflow: Integer Type Overflow
interval expression: Interval Operators
INT_ADD_OK: Checking Integer Overflow
INT_ADD_OVERFLOW: Integer Type Overflow
INT_ADD_RANGE_OVERFLOW: Integer Range Overflow
INT_ADD_WRAPV: Wraparound Arithmetic
INT_DIVIDE_OVERFLOW: Integer Type Overflow
INT_LEFT_SHIFT_OVERFLOW: Integer Type Overflow
INT_MULTIPLY_OK: Checking Integer Overflow
INT_MULTIPLY_OVERFLOW: Integer Type Overflow
INT_MULTIPLY_WRAPV: Wraparound Arithmetic
INT_NEGATE_OVERFLOW: Integer Type Overflow
INT_STRLEN_BOUND: Integer Bounds
INT_SUBTRACT_OK: Checking Integer Overflow
INT_SUBTRACT_OVERFLOW: Integer Type Overflow
INT_SUBTRACT_WRAPV: Wraparound Arithmetic
invoking gnulib-tool: Invoking gnulib-tool
ioctl: ioctl
ioperm: ioperm
iopl: iopl
isalnum: isalnum
isalnum_l: isalnum_l
isalpha: isalpha
isalpha_l: isalpha_l
isascii: isascii
isastream: isastream
isatty: isatty
isblank: isblank
isblank_l: isblank_l
iscntrl: iscntrl
iscntrl_l: iscntrl_l
isctype: isctype
isdigit: isdigit
isdigit_l: isdigit_l
isfdtype: isfdtype
isfinite: isfinite
isgraph: isgraph
isgraph_l: isgraph_l
isgreater: isgreater
isgreaterequal: isgreaterequal
isinf: isinf
isinff: isinff
isinfl: isinfl
isless: isless
islessequal: islessequal
islessgreater: islessgreater
islower: islower
islower_l: islower_l
isnan: isnan
isnanf: isnanf
isnanl: isnanl
isnormal: isnormal
isprint: isprint
isprint_l: isprint_l
ispunct: ispunct
ispunct_l: ispunct_l
isspace: isspace
isspace_l: isspace_l
isunordered: isunordered
isupper: isupper
isupper_l: isupper_l
iswalnum: iswalnum
iswalnum_l: iswalnum_l
iswalpha: iswalpha
iswalpha_l: iswalpha_l
iswblank: iswblank
iswblank_l: iswblank_l
iswcntrl: iswcntrl
iswcntrl_l: iswcntrl_l
iswctype: iswctype
iswctype_l: iswctype_l
iswdigit: iswdigit
iswdigit_l: iswdigit_l
iswgraph: iswgraph
iswgraph_l: iswgraph_l
iswlower: iswlower
iswlower_l: iswlower_l
iswprint: iswprint
iswprint_l: iswprint_l
iswpunct: iswpunct
iswpunct_l: iswpunct_l
iswspace: iswspace
iswspace_l: iswspace_l
iswupper: iswupper
iswupper_l: iswupper_l
iswxdigit: iswxdigit
iswxdigit_l: iswxdigit_l
isxdigit: isxdigit
isxdigit_l: isxdigit_l

j0: j0
j0f: j0f
j0l: j0l
j1: j1
j1f: j1f
j1l: j1l
jn: jn
jnf: jnf
jnl: jnl
jrand48: jrand48
jrand48_r: jrand48_r

key_decryptsession: key_decryptsession
key_decryptsession_pk: key_decryptsession_pk
key_encryptsession: key_encryptsession
key_encryptsession_pk: key_encryptsession_pk
key_gendes: key_gendes
key_get_conv: key_get_conv
key_secretkey_is_set: key_secretkey_is_set
key_setsecret: key_setsecret
kill: kill
killpg: killpg
klogctl: klogctl

l64a: l64a
labs: labs
lchmod: lchmod
lchown: lchown
lckpwdf: lckpwdf
lcong48: lcong48
lcong48_r: lcong48_r
LD DEF files: Visual Studio Compatibility
ldexp: ldexp
ldexpf: ldexpf
ldexpl: ldexpl
ldiv: ldiv
lfind: lfind
lgamma: lgamma
lgammaf: lgammaf
lgammaf_r: lgammaf_r
lgammal: lgammal
lgammal_r: lgammal_r
lgamma_r: lgamma_r
lgetfilecon: lgetfilecon
lgetxattr: lgetxattr
link: link
linkat: linkat
lio_listio: lio_listio
listen: listen
listxattr: listxattr
llabs: llabs
lldiv: lldiv
llistxattr: llistxattr
llogb: llogb
llogbf: llogbf
llogbl: llogbl
llrint: llrint
llrintf: llrintf
llrintl: llrintl
llround: llround
llroundf: llroundf
llroundl: llroundl
loc1: loc1
loc2: loc2
localeconv: localeconv
localtime: localtime
localtime_r: localtime_r
lockf: lockf
locs: locs
log: log
log10: log10
log10f: log10f
log10l: log10l
log1p: log1p
log1pf: log1pf
log1pl: log1pl
log2: log2
log2f: log2f
log2l: log2l
logb: logb
logbf: logbf
logbl: logbl
logf: logf
login: login
login_tty: login_tty
logl: logl
long-running tests modules: Extra tests modules
longjmp: longjmp
lrand48: lrand48
lrand48_r: lrand48_r
lremovexattr: lremovexattr
lrint: lrint
lrintf: lrintf
lrintl: lrintl
lround: lround
lroundf: lroundf
lroundl: lroundl
lsearch: lsearch
lseek: lseek
lsetxattr: lsetxattr
lstat: lstat
lutimes: lutimes

madvise: madvise
makecontext: makecontext
mallinfo: mallinfo
mallinfo2: mallinfo2
malloc: malloc
malloc: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
malloc_info: malloc_info
malloc_stats: malloc_stats
malloc_trim: malloc_trim
malloc_usable_size: malloc_usable_size
mallopt: mallopt
matching list: List Operators
matching newline: List Operators
matching with GNU functions: GNU Matching
matherr: matherr
mblen: mblen
mbrlen: mbrlen
mbrtoc16: mbrtoc16
mbrtoc32: mbrtoc32
mbrtoc8: mbrtoc8
mbrtowc: mbrtowc
mbsinit: mbsinit
mbsnrtowcs: mbsnrtowcs
mbsrtowcs: mbsrtowcs
mbstowcs: mbstowcs
mbtowc: mbtowc
mcheck: mcheck
mcheck_check_all: mcheck_check_all
mcheck_pedantic: mcheck_pedantic
memalign: memalign
memccpy: memccpy
memchr: memchr
memcmp: memcmp
memcpy: memcpy
memfd_create: memfd_create
memfrob: memfrob
memmem: memmem
memmove: memmove
Memory allocation failure: Out of memory handling
mempcpy: mempcpy
memrchr: memrchr
memset: memset
memset_explicit: memset_explicit
mincore: mincore
mkdir: mkdir
mkdirat: mkdirat
mkdtemp: mkdtemp
mkfifo: mkfifo
mkfifoat: mkfifoat
mknod: mknod
mknodat: mknodat
mkostemp: mkostemp
mkostemps: mkostemps
mkstemp: mkstemp
mkstemps: mkstemps
mktemp: mktemp
mktime: mktime
mlock: mlock
mlock2: mlock2
mlockall: mlockall
mmap: mmap
modf: modf
modff: modff
modfl: modfl
monstartup: monstartup
mount: mount
mprobe: mprobe
mprotect: mprotect
mq_close: mq_close
mq_getattr: mq_getattr
mq_notify: mq_notify
mq_open: mq_open
mq_receive: mq_receive
mq_send: mq_send
mq_setattr: mq_setattr
mq_timedreceive: mq_timedreceive
mq_timedsend: mq_timedsend
mq_unlink: mq_unlink
mrand48: mrand48
mrand48_r: mrand48_r
mremap: mremap
msgctl: msgctl
msgget: msgget
msgrcv: msgrcv
msgsnd: msgsnd
msync: msync
mtrace: mtrace
mtx_destroy: mtx_destroy
mtx_init: mtx_init
mtx_lock: mtx_lock
mtx_timedlock: mtx_timedlock
mtx_trylock: mtx_trylock
mtx_unlock: mtx_unlock
multibyte locale: C strings
munlock: munlock
munlockall: munlockall
munmap: munmap
muntrace: muntrace

name_to_handle_at: name_to_handle_at
nan: nan
nanf: nanf
nanl: nanl
nanosleep: nanosleep
nearbyint: nearbyint
nearbyintf: nearbyintf
nearbyintl: nearbyintl
netname2host: netname2host
netname2user: netname2user
newlocale: newlocale
nextafter: nextafter
nextafterf: nextafterf
nextafterl: nextafterl
nextdown: nextdown
nextdownf: nextdownf
nextdownl: nextdownl
nexttoward: nexttoward
nexttowardf: nexttowardf
nexttowardl: nexttowardl
nextup: nextup
nextupf: nextupf
nextupl: nextupl
nftw: nftw
ngettext: ngettext
nice: nice
nis_add: nis_add
nis_addmember: nis_addmember
nis_add_entry: nis_add_entry
nis_checkpoint: nis_checkpoint
nis_clone_object: nis_clone_object
nis_creategroup: nis_creategroup
nis_destroygroup: nis_destroygroup
nis_destroy_object: nis_destroy_object
nis_dir_cmp: nis_dir_cmp
nis_domain_of: nis_domain_of
nis_domain_of_r: nis_domain_of_r
nis_first_entry: nis_first_entry
nis_freenames: nis_freenames
nis_freeresult: nis_freeresult
nis_freeservlist: nis_freeservlist
nis_freetags: nis_freetags
nis_getnames: nis_getnames
nis_getservlist: nis_getservlist
nis_ismember: nis_ismember
nis_leaf_of: nis_leaf_of
nis_leaf_of_r: nis_leaf_of_r
nis_lerror: nis_lerror
nis_list: nis_list
nis_local_directory: nis_local_directory
nis_local_group: nis_local_group
nis_local_host: nis_local_host
nis_local_principal: nis_local_principal
nis_lookup: nis_lookup
nis_mkdir: nis_mkdir
nis_modify: nis_modify
nis_modify_entry: nis_modify_entry
nis_name_of: nis_name_of
nis_name_of_r: nis_name_of_r
nis_next_entry: nis_next_entry
nis_perror: nis_perror
nis_ping: nis_ping
nis_print_directory: nis_print_directory
nis_print_entry: nis_print_entry
nis_print_group: nis_print_group
nis_print_group_entry: nis_print_group_entry
nis_print_link: nis_print_link
nis_print_object: nis_print_object
nis_print_result: nis_print_result
nis_print_rights: nis_print_rights
nis_print_table: nis_print_table
nis_remove: nis_remove
nis_removemember: nis_removemember
nis_remove_entry: nis_remove_entry
nis_rmdir: nis_rmdir
nis_servstate: nis_servstate
nis_sperrno: nis_sperrno
nis_sperror: nis_sperror
nis_sperror_r: nis_sperror_r
nis_stats: nis_stats
nis_verifygroup: nis_verifygroup
nl_langinfo: nl_langinfo
nl_langinfo_l: nl_langinfo_l
nonmatching list: List Operators
noreturn: Non-returning Functions
not_bol field in pattern buffer: Match-beginning-of-line Operator
nrand48: nrand48
nrand48_r: nrand48_r
ntohl: ntohl
ntohs: ntohs
ntp_adjtime: ntp_adjtime
ntp_gettime: ntp_gettime
ntp_gettimex: ntp_gettimex
null pointer: nullptr
null pointer type: stddef.h
num_regs in struct re_registers: Using Registers

Obsolete modules: Obsolete modules
obstack_alloc_failed_handler: obstack_alloc_failed_handler
obstack_exit_failure: obstack_exit_failure
obstack_free: obstack_free
obstack_printf: obstack_printf
obstack_vprintf: obstack_vprintf
on_exit: on_exit
open: open
open-group operator and ‘^: Match-beginning-of-line Operator
openat: openat
openat-safer: Closed standard fds
opendir: opendir
openlog: openlog
openpty: openpty
open_by_handle_at: open_by_handle_at
open_memstream: open_memstream
open_wmemstream: open_wmemstream
optarg: optarg
opterr: opterr
optind: optind
optopt: optopt
or operator: Alternation Operator
Out of Memory handling: Out of memory handling
overflow, integer: Integer Properties
overflow, integer range: Integer Range Overflow
overflow, integer type: Integer Type Overflow

parenthesizing: Grouping Operators
parse_printf_format: parse_printf_format
pathconf: pathconf
pattern buffer initialization: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
pattern buffer, definition of: GNU Pattern Buffers
pause: pause
pclose: pclose
perror: perror
personality: personality
pipe: pipe
pipe2: pipe2
pipe2-safer: Closed standard fds
pkey_alloc: pkey_alloc
pkey_free: pkey_free
pkey_get: pkey_get
pkey_mprotect: pkey_mprotect
pkey_set: pkey_set
pmap_getmaps: pmap_getmaps
pmap_getport: pmap_getport
pmap_rmtcall: pmap_rmtcall
pmap_set: pmap_set
pmap_unset: pmap_unset
poll: poll
popen: popen
popen-safer: Closed standard fds
portability, integer arithmetic: Unsupported Platforms
POSIX Awk: Predefined Syntaxes
posix_fadvise: posix_fadvise
posix_fallocate: posix_fallocate
posix_madvise: posix_madvise
posix_memalign: posix_memalign
posix_mem_offset: posix_mem_offset
posix_openpt: posix_openpt
posix_spawn: posix_spawn
posix_spawnattr_destroy: posix_spawnattr_destroy
posix_spawnattr_getflags: posix_spawnattr_getflags
posix_spawnattr_getpgroup: posix_spawnattr_getpgroup
posix_spawnattr_getschedparam: posix_spawnattr_getschedparam
posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy: posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy
posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault: posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault
posix_spawnattr_getsigmask: posix_spawnattr_getsigmask
posix_spawnattr_init: posix_spawnattr_init
posix_spawnattr_setflags: posix_spawnattr_setflags
posix_spawnattr_setpgroup: posix_spawnattr_setpgroup
posix_spawnattr_setschedparam: posix_spawnattr_setschedparam
posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy: posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy
posix_spawnattr_setsigdefault: posix_spawnattr_setsigdefault
posix_spawnattr_setsigmask: posix_spawnattr_setsigmask
posix_spawnp: posix_spawnp
posix_spawn_file_actions_addchdir_np: posix_spawn_file_actions_addchdir_np
posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose: posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose
posix_spawn_file_actions_addclosefrom_np: posix_spawn_file_actions_addclosefrom_np
posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2: posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2
posix_spawn_file_actions_addfchdir_np: posix_spawn_file_actions_addfchdir_np
posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen: posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen
posix_spawn_file_actions_destroy: posix_spawn_file_actions_destroy
posix_spawn_file_actions_init: posix_spawn_file_actions_init
posix_trace_attr_destroy: posix_trace_attr_destroy
posix_trace_attr_getclockres: posix_trace_attr_getclockres
posix_trace_attr_getcreatetime: posix_trace_attr_getcreatetime
posix_trace_attr_getgenversion: posix_trace_attr_getgenversion
posix_trace_attr_getinherited: posix_trace_attr_getinherited
posix_trace_attr_getlogfullpolicy: posix_trace_attr_getlogfullpolicy
posix_trace_attr_getlogsize: posix_trace_attr_getlogsize
posix_trace_attr_getmaxdatasize: posix_trace_attr_getmaxdatasize
posix_trace_attr_getmaxsystemeventsize: posix_trace_attr_getmaxsystemeventsize
posix_trace_attr_getmaxusereventsize: posix_trace_attr_getmaxusereventsize
posix_trace_attr_getname: posix_trace_attr_getname
posix_trace_attr_getstreamfullpolicy: posix_trace_attr_getstreamfullpolicy
posix_trace_attr_getstreamsize: posix_trace_attr_getstreamsize
posix_trace_attr_init: posix_trace_attr_init
posix_trace_attr_setinherited: posix_trace_attr_setinherited
posix_trace_attr_setlogfullpolicy: posix_trace_attr_setlogfullpolicy
posix_trace_attr_setlogsize: posix_trace_attr_setlogsize
posix_trace_attr_setmaxdatasize: posix_trace_attr_setmaxdatasize
posix_trace_attr_setname: posix_trace_attr_setname
posix_trace_attr_setstreamfullpolicy: posix_trace_attr_setstreamfullpolicy
posix_trace_attr_setstreamsize: posix_trace_attr_setstreamsize
posix_trace_clear: posix_trace_clear
posix_trace_close: posix_trace_close
posix_trace_create: posix_trace_create
posix_trace_create_withlog: posix_trace_create_withlog
posix_trace_event: posix_trace_event
posix_trace_eventid_equal: posix_trace_eventid_equal
posix_trace_eventid_get_name: posix_trace_eventid_get_name
posix_trace_eventid_open: posix_trace_eventid_open
posix_trace_eventset_add: posix_trace_eventset_add
posix_trace_eventset_del: posix_trace_eventset_del
posix_trace_eventset_empty: posix_trace_eventset_empty
posix_trace_eventset_fill: posix_trace_eventset_fill
posix_trace_eventset_ismember: posix_trace_eventset_ismember
posix_trace_eventtypelist_getnext_id: posix_trace_eventtypelist_getnext_id
posix_trace_eventtypelist_rewind: posix_trace_eventtypelist_rewind
posix_trace_flush: posix_trace_flush
posix_trace_getnext_event: posix_trace_getnext_event
posix_trace_get_attr: posix_trace_get_attr
posix_trace_get_filter: posix_trace_get_filter
posix_trace_get_status: posix_trace_get_status
posix_trace_open: posix_trace_open
posix_trace_rewind: posix_trace_rewind
posix_trace_set_filter: posix_trace_set_filter
posix_trace_shutdown: posix_trace_shutdown
posix_trace_start: posix_trace_start
posix_trace_stop: posix_trace_stop
posix_trace_timedgetnext_event: posix_trace_timedgetnext_event
posix_trace_trid_eventid_open: posix_trace_trid_eventid_open
posix_trace_trygetnext_event: posix_trace_trygetnext_event
posix_typed_mem_get_info: posix_typed_mem_get_info
posix_typed_mem_open: posix_typed_mem_open
pow: pow
pow10: pow10
pow10f: pow10f
pow10l: pow10l
powf: powf
powl: powl
ppoll: ppoll
prctl: prctl
pread: pread
preadv: preadv
preadv2: preadv2
printf: printf
printf_size: printf_size
printf_size_info: printf_size_info
privileged tests modules: Extra tests modules
prlimit: prlimit
process_vm_readv: process_vm_readv
process_vm_writev: process_vm_writev
profil: profil
progname: progname and getprogname
program_invocation_name: program_invocation_name
program_invocation_short_name: program_invocation_short_name
program_name: progname and getprogname
pselect: pselect
psiginfo: psiginfo
psignal: psignal
pthread_atfork: pthread_atfork
pthread_attr_destroy: pthread_attr_destroy
pthread_attr_getaffinity_np: pthread_attr_getaffinity_np
pthread_attr_getdetachstate: pthread_attr_getdetachstate
pthread_attr_getguardsize: pthread_attr_getguardsize
pthread_attr_getinheritsched: pthread_attr_getinheritsched
pthread_attr_getschedparam: pthread_attr_getschedparam
pthread_attr_getschedpolicy: pthread_attr_getschedpolicy
pthread_attr_getscope: pthread_attr_getscope
pthread_attr_getsigmask_np: pthread_attr_getsigmask_np
pthread_attr_getstack: pthread_attr_getstack
pthread_attr_getstackaddr: pthread_attr_getstackaddr
pthread_attr_getstacksize: pthread_attr_getstacksize
pthread_attr_init: pthread_attr_init
pthread_attr_setaffinity_np: pthread_attr_setaffinity_np
pthread_attr_setdetachstate: pthread_attr_setdetachstate
pthread_attr_setguardsize: pthread_attr_setguardsize
pthread_attr_setinheritsched: pthread_attr_setinheritsched
pthread_attr_setschedparam: pthread_attr_setschedparam
pthread_attr_setschedpolicy: pthread_attr_setschedpolicy
pthread_attr_setscope: pthread_attr_setscope
pthread_attr_setsigmask_np: pthread_attr_setsigmask_np
pthread_attr_setstack: pthread_attr_setstack
pthread_attr_setstackaddr: pthread_attr_setstackaddr
pthread_attr_setstacksize: pthread_attr_setstacksize
pthread_barrierattr_destroy: pthread_barrierattr_destroy
pthread_barrierattr_getpshared: pthread_barrierattr_getpshared
pthread_barrierattr_init: pthread_barrierattr_init
pthread_barrierattr_setpshared: pthread_barrierattr_setpshared
pthread_barrier_destroy: pthread_barrier_destroy
pthread_barrier_init: pthread_barrier_init
pthread_barrier_wait: pthread_barrier_wait
pthread_cancel: pthread_cancel
pthread_cleanup_pop: pthread_cleanup_pop
pthread_cleanup_push: pthread_cleanup_push
pthread_clockjoin_np: pthread_clockjoin_np
pthread_condattr_destroy: pthread_condattr_destroy
pthread_condattr_getclock: pthread_condattr_getclock
pthread_condattr_getpshared: pthread_condattr_getpshared
pthread_condattr_init: pthread_condattr_init
pthread_condattr_setclock: pthread_condattr_setclock
pthread_condattr_setpshared: pthread_condattr_setpshared
pthread_cond_broadcast: pthread_cond_broadcast
pthread_cond_clockwait: pthread_cond_clockwait
pthread_cond_destroy: pthread_cond_destroy
pthread_cond_init: pthread_cond_init
pthread_cond_signal: pthread_cond_signal
pthread_cond_timedwait: pthread_cond_timedwait
pthread_cond_wait: pthread_cond_wait
pthread_create: pthread_create
pthread_detach: pthread_detach
pthread_equal: pthread_equal
pthread_exit: pthread_exit
pthread_getaffinity_np: pthread_getaffinity_np
pthread_getattr_default_np: pthread_getattr_default_np
pthread_getattr_np: pthread_getattr_np
pthread_getconcurrency: pthread_getconcurrency
pthread_getcpuclockid: pthread_getcpuclockid
pthread_getname_np: pthread_getname_np
pthread_getschedparam: pthread_getschedparam
pthread_getspecific: pthread_getspecific
pthread_join: pthread_join
pthread_key_create: pthread_key_create
pthread_key_delete: pthread_key_delete
pthread_kill: pthread_kill
pthread_kill_other_threads_np: pthread_kill_other_threads_np
pthread_mutexattr_destroy: pthread_mutexattr_destroy
pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling: pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling
pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol: pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol
pthread_mutexattr_getpshared: pthread_mutexattr_getpshared
pthread_mutexattr_getrobust: pthread_mutexattr_getrobust
pthread_mutexattr_gettype: pthread_mutexattr_gettype
pthread_mutexattr_init: pthread_mutexattr_init
pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling: pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling
pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol: pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol
pthread_mutexattr_setpshared: pthread_mutexattr_setpshared
pthread_mutexattr_setrobust: pthread_mutexattr_setrobust
pthread_mutexattr_settype: pthread_mutexattr_settype
pthread_mutex_clocklock: pthread_mutex_clocklock
pthread_mutex_consistent: pthread_mutex_consistent
pthread_mutex_destroy: pthread_mutex_destroy
pthread_mutex_getprioceiling: pthread_mutex_getprioceiling
pthread_mutex_init: pthread_mutex_init
pthread_mutex_lock: pthread_mutex_lock
pthread_mutex_setprioceiling: pthread_mutex_setprioceiling
pthread_mutex_timedlock: pthread_mutex_timedlock
pthread_mutex_trylock: pthread_mutex_trylock
pthread_mutex_unlock: pthread_mutex_unlock
pthread_once: pthread_once
pthread_rwlockattr_destroy: pthread_rwlockattr_destroy
pthread_rwlockattr_getkind_np: pthread_rwlockattr_getkind_np
pthread_rwlockattr_getpshared: pthread_rwlockattr_getpshared
pthread_rwlockattr_init: pthread_rwlockattr_init
pthread_rwlockattr_setkind_np: pthread_rwlockattr_setkind_np
pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared: pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared
pthread_rwlock_clockrdlock: pthread_rwlock_clockrdlock
pthread_rwlock_clockwrlock: pthread_rwlock_clockwrlock
pthread_rwlock_destroy: pthread_rwlock_destroy
pthread_rwlock_init: pthread_rwlock_init
pthread_rwlock_rdlock: pthread_rwlock_rdlock
pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock: pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock
pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock: pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock
pthread_rwlock_tryrdlock: pthread_rwlock_tryrdlock
pthread_rwlock_trywrlock: pthread_rwlock_trywrlock
pthread_rwlock_unlock: pthread_rwlock_unlock
pthread_rwlock_wrlock: pthread_rwlock_wrlock
pthread_self: pthread_self
pthread_setaffinity_np: pthread_setaffinity_np
pthread_setattr_default_np: pthread_setattr_default_np
pthread_setcancelstate: pthread_setcancelstate
pthread_setcanceltype: pthread_setcanceltype
pthread_setconcurrency: pthread_setconcurrency
pthread_setname_np: pthread_setname_np
pthread_setschedparam: pthread_setschedparam
pthread_setschedprio: pthread_setschedprio
pthread_setspecific: pthread_setspecific
pthread_sigmask: pthread_sigmask
pthread_sigqueue: pthread_sigqueue
pthread_spin_destroy: pthread_spin_destroy
pthread_spin_init: pthread_spin_init
pthread_spin_lock: pthread_spin_lock
pthread_spin_trylock: pthread_spin_trylock
pthread_spin_unlock: pthread_spin_unlock
pthread_testcancel: pthread_testcancel
pthread_timedjoin_np: pthread_timedjoin_np
pthread_tryjoin_np: pthread_tryjoin_np
ptrace: ptrace
ptsname: ptsname
ptsname_r: ptsname_r
putc: putc
putchar: putchar
putchar_unlocked: putchar_unlocked
putc_unlocked: putc_unlocked
putenv: putenv
putgrent: putgrent
putmsg: putmsg
putpmsg: putpmsg
putpwent: putpwent
puts: puts
putsgent: putsgent
putspent: putspent
pututline: pututline
pututxline: pututxline
putw: putw
putwc: putwc
putwchar: putwchar
putwchar_unlocked: putwchar_unlocked
putwc_unlocked: putwc_unlocked
pvalloc: pvalloc
pwrite: pwrite
pwritev: pwritev
pwritev2: pwritev2

qecvt: qecvt
qecvt_r: qecvt_r
qfcvt: qfcvt
qfcvt_r: qfcvt_r
qgcvt: qgcvt
qsort: qsort
qsort_r: qsort_r
quick_exit: quick_exit
quotactl: quotactl
quote: Quoting
quotearg: Quoting
quotearg_alloc: Quoting
quote_n: Quoting
Quoting: Quoting

raise: raise
rand: rand
random: random
random_r: random_r
rand_r: rand_r
range argument to re_search: GNU Searching
rawmemchr: rawmemchr
rcmd: rcmd
rcmd_af: rcmd_af
read: read
readahead: readahead
readdir: readdir
readdir_r: readdir_r
readlink: readlink
readlinkat: readlinkat
readv: readv
realloc: realloc
REALLOC_N: Safe Allocation Macros
realpath: realpath
reboot: reboot
recv: recv
recvfrom: recvfrom
recvmmsg: recvmmsg
recvmsg: recvmsg
regcomp: regcomp
regerror: regerror
regex.h: Overview
regexec: regexec
regexp anchoring: Anchoring Operators
regfree: regfree
regfree: Freeing GNU Pattern Buffers
register_printf_function: register_printf_function
register_printf_modifier: register_printf_modifier
register_printf_specifier: register_printf_specifier
register_printf_type: register_printf_type
regular expressions, syntax of: Regular Expression Syntax
remainder: remainder
remainderf: remainderf
remainderl: remainderl
remap_file_pages: remap_file_pages
remove: remove
removexattr: removexattr
remque: remque
remquo: remquo
remquof: remquof
remquol: remquol
rename: rename
renameat: renameat
renameat2: renameat2
res_dnok: res_dnok
res_hnok: res_hnok
res_init: res_init
res_mailok: res_mailok
res_mkquery: res_mkquery
res_nmkquery: res_nmkquery
res_nquery: res_nquery
res_nquerydomain: res_nquerydomain
res_nsearch: res_nsearch
res_nsend: res_nsend
res_ownok: res_ownok
res_query: res_query
res_querydomain: res_querydomain
res_search: res_search
res_send: res_send
revoke: revoke
rewind: rewind
rewinddir: rewinddir
rexec: rexec
rexec_af: rexec_af
RE_BK_PLUS_QM: Syntax Bits
re_comp: re_comp
re_comp: BSD Regular Expression Compiling
re_compile_fastmap: re_compile_fastmap
re_compile_fastmap: Searching with Fastmaps
re_compile_pattern: re_compile_pattern
re_compile_pattern: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
RE_CONTEXT_INDEP_ANCHORS (and ‘^’): Match-beginning-of-line Operator
RE_DEBUG: Syntax Bits
RE_DOT_NOT_NULL: Syntax Bits
re_exec: re_exec
re_exec: BSD Searching
RE_ICASE: Syntax Bits
re_match: re_match
re_match: GNU Matching
re_match_2: re_match_2
re_match_2: Matching/Searching with Split Data
RE_NO_BK_BRACES: Syntax Bits
RE_NO_BK_PARENS: Syntax Bits
RE_NO_BK_REFS: Syntax Bits
RE_NO_BK_VBAR: Syntax Bits
RE_NO_GNU_OPS: Syntax Bits
RE_NO_SUB: Syntax Bits
re_nsub field, set by re_compile_pattern: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
re_pattern_buffer definition: GNU Pattern Buffers
re_registers: Using Registers
re_search: re_search
re_search: GNU Searching
re_search_2: re_search_2
re_search_2: Matching/Searching with Split Data
re_set_registers: re_set_registers
re_set_registers: Using Registers
re_set_syntax: re_set_syntax
re_syntax_options: re_syntax_options
re_syntax_options initialization: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
rindex: rindex
rint: rint
rintf: rintf
rintl: rintl
rmdir: rmdir
round: round
roundeven: roundeven
roundevenf: roundevenf
roundevenl: roundevenl
roundf: roundf
roundl: roundl
rpc_createerr: rpc_createerr
rpmatch: rpmatch
rresvport: rresvport
rresvport_af: rresvport_af
rtime: rtime
ruserok: ruserok
ruserok_af: ruserok_af

sbrk: sbrk
scalb: scalb
scalbf: scalbf
scalbl: scalbl
scalbln: scalbln
scalblnf: scalblnf
scalblnl: scalblnl
scalbn: scalbn
scalbnf: scalbnf
scalbnl: scalbnl
scandir: scandir
scandirat: scandirat
scanf: scanf
sched_getaffinity: sched_getaffinity
sched_getcpu: sched_getcpu
sched_getparam: sched_getparam
sched_getscheduler: sched_getscheduler
sched_get_priority_max: sched_get_priority_max
sched_get_priority_min: sched_get_priority_min
sched_rr_get_interval: sched_rr_get_interval
sched_setaffinity: sched_setaffinity
sched_setparam: sched_setparam
sched_setscheduler: sched_setscheduler
sched_yield: sched_yield
searching with GNU functions: GNU Searching
secure_getenv: secure_getenv
seed48: seed48
seed48_r: seed48_r
seekdir: seekdir
select: select
semctl: semctl
semget: semget
semop: semop
semtimedop: semtimedop
sem_clockwait: sem_clockwait
sem_close: sem_close
sem_destroy: sem_destroy
sem_getvalue: sem_getvalue
sem_init: sem_init
sem_open: sem_open
sem_post: sem_post
sem_timedwait: sem_timedwait
sem_trywait: sem_trywait
sem_unlink: sem_unlink
sem_wait: sem_wait
send: send
sendfile: sendfile
sendmmsg: sendmmsg
sendmsg: sendmsg
sendto: sendto
setaliasent: setaliasent
setbuf: setbuf
setbuffer: setbuffer
setcontext: setcontext
setdomainname: setdomainname
setegid: setegid
setenv: setenv
seteuid: seteuid
setfsent: setfsent
setfsgid: setfsgid
setfsuid: setfsuid
setgid: setgid
setgrent: setgrent
setgroups: setgroups
sethostent: sethostent
sethostid: sethostid
sethostname: sethostname
setipv4sourcefilter: setipv4sourcefilter
setitimer: setitimer
setjmp: setjmp
setkey: setkey
setlinebuf: setlinebuf
setlocale: setlocale
setlogin: setlogin
setlogmask: setlogmask
setmntent: setmntent
setnetent: setnetent
setnetgrent: setnetgrent
setns: setns
setpayload: setpayload
setpayloadf: setpayloadf
setpayloadl: setpayloadl
setpayloadsig: setpayloadsig
setpayloadsigf: setpayloadsigf
setpayloadsigl: setpayloadsigl
setpgid: setpgid
setpgrp: setpgrp
setpriority: setpriority
setprotoent: setprotoent
setpwent: setpwent
setregid: setregid
setresgid: setresgid
setresuid: setresuid
setreuid: setreuid
setrlimit: setrlimit
setrpcent: setrpcent
setservent: setservent
setsgent: setsgent
setsid: setsid
setsockopt: setsockopt
setsourcefilter: setsourcefilter
setspent: setspent
setstate: setstate
setstate_r: setstate_r
settimeofday: settimeofday
setttyent: setttyent
setuid: setuid
setusershell: setusershell
setutent: setutent
setutxent: setutxent
setvbuf: setvbuf
setxattr: setxattr
sgetsgent: sgetsgent
sgetsgent_r: sgetsgent_r
sgetspent: sgetspent
sgetspent_r: sgetspent_r
shmat: shmat
shmctl: shmctl
shmdt: shmdt
shmget: shmget
shm_open: shm_open
shm_unlink: shm_unlink
shutdown: shutdown
sigabbrev_np: sigabbrev_np
sigaction: sigaction
sigaddset: sigaddset
sigaltstack: sigaltstack
sigandset: sigandset
sigblock: sigblock
sigdelset: sigdelset
sigdescr_np: sigdescr_np
sigemptyset: sigemptyset
sigfillset: sigfillset
siggetmask: siggetmask
sighold: sighold
sigignore: sigignore
siginterrupt: siginterrupt
sigisemptyset: sigisemptyset
sigismember: sigismember
siglongjmp: siglongjmp
signal: signal
signalfd: signalfd
signbit: signbit
signgam: signgam
significand: significand
significandf: significandf
significandl: significandl
sigorset: sigorset
sigpause: sigpause
sigpending: sigpending
sigprocmask: sigprocmask
sigqueue: sigqueue
sigrelse: sigrelse
sigreturn: sigreturn
sigset: sigset
sigsetjmp: sigsetjmp
sigsetmask: sigsetmask
sigstack: sigstack
sigsuspend: sigsuspend
sigtimedwait: sigtimedwait
sigvec: sigvec
sigwait: sigwait
sigwaitinfo: sigwaitinfo
sin: sin
sincos: sincos
sincosf: sincosf
sincosl: sincosl
sinf: sinf
sinh: sinh
sinhf: sinhf
sinhl: sinhl
sinl: sinl
sleep: sleep
snprintf: snprintf
sockatmark: sockatmark
socket: socket
socketpair: socketpair
specification: Specification
sprintf: sprintf
sprofil: sprofil
sqrt: sqrt
sqrtf: sqrtf
sqrtl: sqrtl
srand: srand
srand48: srand48
srand48_r: srand48_r
srandom: srandom
srandom_r: srandom_r
sscanf: sscanf
ssignal: ssignal
start argument to re_search: GNU Searching
start in struct re_registers: Using Registers
stat: stat
statfs: statfs
static inline: static inline
statvfs: statvfs
statx: statx
stderr: stderr
stdin: stdin
stdlib-safer: Closed standard fds
stdnoreturn: Non-returning Functions
stdopen: Closed standard fds
stdout: stdout
step: step
stime: stime
stpcpy: stpcpy
stpncpy: stpncpy
STP_BLKSIZE: stat-size
STP_NBLOCKS: stat-size
strcasecmp: strcasecmp
strcasecmp_l: strcasecmp_l
strcasestr: strcasestr
strcat: strcat
strchr: strchr
strchrnul: strchrnul
strcmp: strcmp
strcoll: strcoll
strcoll_l: strcoll_l
strcpy: strcpy
strcspn: strcspn
strdup: strdup
strerror: strerror
strerrordesc_np: strerrordesc_np
strerrorname_np: strerrorname_np
strerror_l: strerror_l
strerror_r: strerror_r
strfmon: strfmon
strfmon_l: strfmon_l
strfromd: strfromd
strfromf: strfromf
strfroml: strfroml
strfry: strfry
strftime: strftime
strftime_l: strftime_l
strlen: strlen
strncasecmp: strncasecmp
strncasecmp_l: strncasecmp_l
strncat: strncat
strncmp: strncmp
strncpy: strncpy
strndup: strndup
strnlen: strnlen
strpbrk: strpbrk
strptime: strptime
strptime_l: strptime_l
strrchr: strrchr
strsep: strsep
strsignal: strsignal
strspn: strspn
strstr: strstr
strtod: strtod
strtod_l: strtod_l
strtof: strtof
strtof_l: strtof_l
strtoimax: strtoimax
strtok: strtok
strtok_r: strtok_r
strtol: strtol
strtold: strtold
strtold_l: strtold_l
strtoll: strtoll
strtoll_l: strtoll_l
strtol_l: strtol_l
strtoq: strtoq
strtoul: strtoul
strtoull: strtoull
strtoull_l: strtoull_l
strtoul_l: strtoul_l
strtoumax: strtoumax
strtouq: strtouq
struct re_pattern_buffer definition: GNU Pattern Buffers
strverscmp: strverscmp
strxfrm: strxfrm
strxfrm_l: strxfrm_l
ST_BLKSIZE: stat-size
ST_NBLOCKS: stat-size
ST_NBLOCKSIZE: stat-size
subexpressions: Grouping Operators
svcerr_auth: svcerr_auth
svcerr_decode: svcerr_decode
svcerr_noproc: svcerr_noproc
svcerr_noprog: svcerr_noprog
svcerr_progvers: svcerr_progvers
svcerr_systemerr: svcerr_systemerr
svcerr_weakauth: svcerr_weakauth
svcraw_create: svcraw_create
svctcp_create: svctcp_create
svcudp_bufcreate: svcudp_bufcreate
svcudp_create: svcudp_create
svcunix_create: svcunix_create
svc_exit: svc_exit
svc_fdset: svc_fdset
svc_getreq: svc_getreq
svc_getreqset: svc_getreqset
svc_getreq_common: svc_getreq_common
svc_getreq_poll: svc_getreq_poll
svc_max_pollfd: svc_max_pollfd
svc_pollfd: svc_pollfd
svc_register: svc_register
svc_run: svc_run
svc_sendreply: svc_sendreply
svc_unregister: svc_unregister
swab: swab
swapcontext: swapcontext
swapoff: swapoff
swapon: swapon
swprintf: swprintf
swscanf: swscanf
symlink: symlink
symlinkat: symlinkat
sync: sync
syncfs: syncfs
sync_file_range: sync_file_range
syntax bits: Syntax Bits
syntax field, set by re_compile_pattern: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
syntax initialization: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
syntax of regular expressions: Regular Expression Syntax
syscall: syscall
sysconf: sysconf
sysctl: sysctl
sysinfo: sysinfo
syslog: syslog
system: system
sysv_signal: sysv_signal
sys_errlist: sys_errlist
sys_nerr: sys_nerr
sys_siglist: sys_siglist

tan: tan
tanf: tanf
tanh: tanh
tanhf: tanhf
tanhl: tanhl
tanl: tanl
tcdrain: tcdrain
tcflow: tcflow
tcflush: tcflush
tcgetattr: tcgetattr
tcgetpgrp: tcgetpgrp
tcgetsid: tcgetsid
tcsendbreak: tcsendbreak
tcsetattr: tcsetattr
tcsetpgrp: tcsetpgrp
tdelete: tdelete
tdestroy: tdestroy
telldir: telldir
tempnam: tempnam
tests modules, C++: Extra tests modules
tests modules, long-running: Extra tests modules
tests modules, privileged: Extra tests modules
tests modules, unportable: Extra tests modules
textdomain: textdomain
tfind: tfind
tgamma: tgamma
tgammaf: tgammaf
tgammal: tgammal
tgkill: tgkill
thrd_create: thrd_create
thrd_current: thrd_current
thrd_detach: thrd_detach
thrd_equal: thrd_equal
thrd_exit: thrd_exit
thrd_join: thrd_join
thrd_sleep: thrd_sleep
thrd_yield: thrd_yield
time: time
timegm: timegm
timelocal: timelocal
timerfd_create: timerfd_create
timerfd_gettime: timerfd_gettime
timerfd_settime: timerfd_settime
timer_create: timer_create
timer_delete: timer_delete
timer_getoverrun: timer_getoverrun
timer_gettime: timer_gettime
timer_settime: timer_settime
times: times
timespec_get: timespec_get
timespec_getres: timespec_getres
timezone: timezone
tmpfile: tmpfile
tmpfile-safer: Closed standard fds
tmpnam: tmpnam
tmpnam_r: tmpnam_r
toascii: toascii
tolower: tolower
tolower_l: tolower_l
totalorder: totalorder
totalorderf: totalorderf
totalorderl: totalorderl
totalordermag: totalordermag
totalordermagf: totalordermagf
totalordermagl: totalordermagl
toupper: toupper
toupper_l: toupper_l
towctrans: towctrans
towctrans_l: towctrans_l
towlower: towlower
towlower_l: towlower_l
towupper: towupper
towupper_l: towupper_l
translate initialization: GNU Regular Expression Compiling
trunc: trunc
truncate: truncate
truncf: truncf
truncl: truncl
tsearch: tsearch
tss_create: tss_create
tss_delete: tss_delete
tss_get: tss_get
tss_set: tss_set
ttyname: ttyname
ttyname_r: ttyname_r
ttyslot: ttyslot
twalk: twalk
twalk_r: twalk_r
TYPE_IS_INTEGER: Arithmetic Type Properties
TYPE_MAXIMUM: Integer Bounds
TYPE_MINIMUM: Integer Bounds
TYPE_SIGNED: Arithmetic Type Properties
tzname: tzname
tzset: tzset

ualarm: ualarm
ufromfp: ufromfp
ufromfpf: ufromfpf
ufromfpl: ufromfpl
ufromfpx: ufromfpx
ufromfpxf: ufromfpxf
ufromfpxl: ufromfpxl
ulckpwdf: ulckpwdf
ulimit: ulimit
umask: umask
umount: umount
umount2: umount2
uname: uname
ungetc: ungetc
ungetwc: ungetwc
unibyte locale: C strings
unistd-safer: Closed standard fds
unlink: unlink
unlinkat: unlinkat
unlockpt: unlockpt
unportable tests modules: Extra tests modules
unsetenv: unsetenv
updwtmp: updwtmp
updwtmpx: updwtmpx
uselocale: uselocale
user2netname: user2netname
usleep: usleep
ustat: ustat
utime: utime
utimensat: utimensat
utimes: utimes
utmpname: utmpname
utmpxname: utmpxname

valgrind: Running self-tests under valgrind
valloc: valloc
vasprintf: vasprintf
va_arg: va_arg
va_copy: va_copy
va_end: va_end
va_start: va_start
VCS To ChangeLog: VCS To ChangeLog
vcs-to-changelog: VCS To ChangeLog
vdprintf: vdprintf
verify: Compile-time Assertions
verify_expr: Compile-time Assertions
verr: verr
verrx: verrx
versionsort: versionsort
vfork: vfork
vfprintf: vfprintf
vfscanf: vfscanf
vfwprintf: vfwprintf
vfwscanf: vfwscanf
vhangup: vhangup
vlimit: vlimit
void: Safe Allocation Macros
vprintf: vprintf
vscanf: vscanf
vsnprintf: vsnprintf
vsprintf: vsprintf
vsscanf: vsscanf
vswprintf: vswprintf
vswscanf: vswscanf
vsyslog: vsyslog
vwarn: vwarn
vwarnx: vwarnx
vwprintf: vwprintf
vwscanf: vwscanf

wait: wait
wait3: wait3
wait4: wait4
waitid: waitid
waitpid: waitpid
warn: warn
warnx: warnx
wcpcpy: wcpcpy
wcpncpy: wcpncpy
wcrtomb: wcrtomb
wcscasecmp: wcscasecmp
wcscasecmp_l: wcscasecmp_l
wcscat: wcscat
wcschr: wcschr
wcschrnul: wcschrnul
wcscmp: wcscmp
wcscoll: wcscoll
wcscoll_l: wcscoll_l
wcscpy: wcscpy
wcscspn: wcscspn
wcsdup: wcsdup
wcsftime: wcsftime
wcsftime_l: wcsftime_l
wcslen: wcslen
wcsncasecmp: wcsncasecmp
wcsncasecmp_l: wcsncasecmp_l
wcsncat: wcsncat
wcsncmp: wcsncmp
wcsncpy: wcsncpy
wcsnlen: wcsnlen
wcsnrtombs: wcsnrtombs
wcspbrk: wcspbrk
wcsrchr: wcsrchr
wcsrtombs: wcsrtombs
wcsspn: wcsspn
wcsstr: wcsstr
wcstod: wcstod
wcstod_l: wcstod_l
wcstof: wcstof
wcstof_l: wcstof_l
wcstoimax: wcstoimax
wcstok: wcstok
wcstol: wcstol
wcstold: wcstold
wcstold_l: wcstold_l
wcstoll: wcstoll
wcstoll_l: wcstoll_l
wcstol_l: wcstol_l
wcstombs: wcstombs
wcstoq: wcstoq
wcstoul: wcstoul
wcstoull: wcstoull
wcstoull_l: wcstoull_l
wcstoul_l: wcstoul_l
wcstoumax: wcstoumax
wcstouq: wcstouq
wcswcs: wcswcs
wcswidth: wcswidth
wcsxfrm: wcsxfrm
wcsxfrm_l: wcsxfrm_l
wctob: wctob
wctomb: wctomb
wctrans: wctrans
wctrans_l: wctrans_l
wctype: wctype
wctype_l: wctype_l
wcwidth: wcwidth
wmemchr: wmemchr
wmemcmp: wmemcmp
wmemcpy: wmemcpy
wmemmove: wmemmove
wmempcpy: wmempcpy
wmemset: wmemset
word boundaries, matching: Match-word-boundary Operator
wordexp: wordexp
wordfree: wordfree
wprintf: wprintf
wraparound integer arithmetic: Wraparound Arithmetic
write: write
writev: writev
wscanf: wscanf

xalloc_die: Out of memory handling
xdrmem_create: xdrmem_create
xdrrec_create: xdrrec_create
xdrrec_endofrecord: xdrrec_endofrecord
xdrrec_eof: xdrrec_eof
xdrrec_skiprecord: xdrrec_skiprecord
xdrstdio_create: xdrstdio_create
xdr_array: xdr_array
xdr_authunix_parms: xdr_authunix_parms
xdr_bool: xdr_bool
xdr_bytes: xdr_bytes
xdr_callhdr: xdr_callhdr
xdr_callmsg: xdr_callmsg
xdr_cback_data: xdr_cback_data
xdr_char: xdr_char
xdr_cryptkeyarg: xdr_cryptkeyarg
xdr_cryptkeyarg2: xdr_cryptkeyarg2
xdr_cryptkeyres: xdr_cryptkeyres
xdr_des_block: xdr_des_block
xdr_domainname: xdr_domainname
xdr_double: xdr_double
xdr_enum: xdr_enum
xdr_float: xdr_float
xdr_free: xdr_free
xdr_getcredres: xdr_getcredres
xdr_hyper: xdr_hyper
xdr_int: xdr_int
xdr_int16_t: xdr_int16_t
xdr_int32_t: xdr_int32_t
xdr_int64_t: xdr_int64_t
xdr_int8_t: xdr_int8_t
xdr_keybuf: xdr_keybuf
xdr_keydat: xdr_keydat
xdr_keystatus: xdr_keystatus
xdr_key_netstarg: xdr_key_netstarg
xdr_key_netstres: xdr_key_netstres
xdr_long: xdr_long
xdr_longlong_t: xdr_longlong_t
xdr_netnamestr: xdr_netnamestr
xdr_netobj: xdr_netobj
xdr_obj_p: xdr_obj_p
xdr_opaque: xdr_opaque
xdr_opaque_auth: xdr_opaque_auth
xdr_pmap: xdr_pmap
xdr_pmaplist: xdr_pmaplist
xdr_pointer: xdr_pointer
xdr_quad_t: xdr_quad_t
xdr_reference: xdr_reference
xdr_replymsg: xdr_replymsg
xdr_rmtcallres: xdr_rmtcallres
xdr_rmtcall_args: xdr_rmtcall_args
xdr_short: xdr_short
xdr_sizeof: xdr_sizeof
xdr_string: xdr_string
xdr_uint16_t: xdr_uint16_t
xdr_uint32_t: xdr_uint32_t
xdr_uint64_t: xdr_uint64_t
xdr_uint8_t: xdr_uint8_t
xdr_union: xdr_union
xdr_unixcred: xdr_unixcred
xdr_u_char: xdr_u_char
xdr_u_hyper: xdr_u_hyper
xdr_u_int: xdr_u_int
xdr_u_long: xdr_u_long
xdr_u_longlong_t: xdr_u_longlong_t
xdr_u_quad_t: xdr_u_quad_t
xdr_u_short: xdr_u_short
xdr_valdat: xdr_valdat
xdr_vector: xdr_vector
xdr_void: xdr_void
xdr_wrapstring: xdr_wrapstring
xdr_ypbind_resptype: xdr_ypbind_resptype
xdr_ypmaplist: xdr_ypmaplist
xdr_ypmap_parms: xdr_ypmap_parms
xdr_yppushresp_xfr: xdr_yppushresp_xfr
xdr_ypreq_key: xdr_ypreq_key
xdr_ypreq_nokey: xdr_ypreq_nokey
xdr_ypreq_xfr: xdr_ypreq_xfr
xdr_ypresp_all: xdr_ypresp_all
xdr_ypresp_key_val: xdr_ypresp_key_val
xdr_ypresp_maplist: xdr_ypresp_maplist
xdr_ypresp_master: xdr_ypresp_master
xdr_ypresp_order: xdr_ypresp_order
xdr_ypresp_val: xdr_ypresp_val
xdr_ypresp_xfr: xdr_ypresp_xfr
xdr_ypstat: xdr_ypstat
xdr_ypxfrstat: xdr_ypxfrstat
xprt_register: xprt_register
xprt_unregister: xprt_unregister
xstdopen: Closed standard fds

y0: y0
y0f: y0f
y0l: y0l
y1: y1
y1f: y1f
y1l: y1l
yn: yn
ynf: ynf
ynl: ynl
ypbinderr_string: ypbinderr_string
yperr_string: yperr_string
ypprot_err: ypprot_err
yp_all: yp_all
yp_bind: yp_bind
yp_first: yp_first
yp_get_default_domain: yp_get_default_domain
yp_master: yp_master
yp_match: yp_match
yp_next: yp_next
yp_order: yp_order
yp_unbind: yp_unbind

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