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13 Glibc Function Substitutes

This chapter describes which functions and function-like macros provided as extensions by at least GNU libc are also supported by Gnulib, which portability pitfalls are fixed by Gnulib, and which (known) portability problems are not worked around by Gnulib.

The notation “Gnulib module: —” means that Gnulib does not provide a module providing a substitute for the function. When the list “Portability problems not fixed by Gnulib” is empty, such a module is not needed: No portability problems are known. Otherwise, it indicates that such a module would be useful but is not available: No one so far found this function important enough to contribute a substitute for it. If you need this particular function, you may write to <bug-gnulib at gnu dot org>.

This list of functions is sorted according to the header that declares them.

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