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6.6 License Texinfo sources

Gnulib provides copies of the GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, GNU Affero GPL, and GNU FDL licenses in Texinfo form. (The master location is These Texinfo documents do not have any node names and structures built into them; for your manual, you should @include them in an appropriate @node.

The conventional name for the GPL node is ‘Copying’ and for the FDL ‘GNU Free Documentation License’. The LGPL doesn’t seem to have a conventional node name.

Of course the license texts themselves should not be changed at all.

The recommended way to make use of these license files, consistently with current practice, is as follows:

We recommend to place the licenses as appendices at the end of the manual, right before any indices. For the FDL, we suggest the following @menu entry:

* GNU Free Documentation License::  License for copying this manual

For any @detailmenu entries, we suggest the following:

Copying This Manual

* GNU Free Documentation License::     Copying and sharing this manual

And for actual inclusion of the FDL itself, we suggest the following:

@node GNU Free Documentation License
@appendix GNU Free Documentation License

@include fdl.texi

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