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2.4.3 Unsupported Platforms

Some platforms with C compilers are not supported by Gnulib because the platforms violate Gnulib’s C portability assumptions. See Other portability assumptions made by Gnulib.

These assumptions are not required by the C or POSIX standards but hold on almost all practical porting targets. If you need to port Gnulib code to a platform where these assumptions are not true, we would appreciate hearing of any fixes. We need fixes that do not increase runtime overhead on standard hosts and that are relatively easy to maintain.

These platforms are listed below to illustrate problems that Gnulib and Gnulib-using code would have if it were intended to be portable to all practical POSIX or C platforms.

The following platforms are not supported by Gnulib. The cost of supporting them would exceed the benefit because they are rarely used, or poorly documented, or have been supplanted by other platforms, or diverge too much from POSIX, or some combination of these and other factors. Please don’t bother sending us patches for them.

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