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19.8 VCS To ChangeLog

Gnulib provides the ‘vcs-to-changelog’ module to generate an output similar to the GNU ChangeLog format from metadata of source control software such as git. Here’s an example of using ‘vcs-to-changelog’:

build-aux/ <from_ref> <to_ref>

where <from_ref> and <to_ref> refer to the range of commits to generate the output.

VCS To ChangeLog currently recognises changes in C source code and can traverse commits in git. Additional source frontends and source control backends may be added to the module. ‘vcs-to-changelog’ takes the following optional arguments:

The quirks file is a python module that must minimally implement a get_project_quirks function that returns an object of type ProjectQuirks or its subclass. The subclass may override the following members of ProjectQuirks:

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