Download GNUMP3d v3.0

The latest release is available from the links below, in a variety of different formats - simply choose the format with which you are most comfortable with.

Note for Microsoft Windows users: If you wish to install this in a simplified manner please see the seperate version labelled windows.

(The Microsoft Windows download tends to lag behind the official releases due to the increased problems of testing upon that platform. Your patience is appreciated).

Security / Paranoia

After several high profile server compromises in the past all the release files upon this page are signed with my GPG key - to verify them run 'gpg --verify $file', after importing my key.

If the signatures do not match please let me know - and do not install the software.

ArchiveGPG Signatures
gnump3d-3.0.tar.gz gnump3d-3.0.tar.gz.sig
gnump3d-3.0.tar.bz2 gnump3d-3.0.tar.bz2.sig
gnump3d-3.0.zip gnump3d-3.0.zip.sig
README.WindowsRunning As A Service On Windows

Download Mirror

In case the primary download site becomes unavailable due to maintainence, or other outages I have provided a mirror upon my personal website.

The mirror is located at the following URL:

Freshmeat Rating

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Unstable Code

"Unstable" code is always available through the public CVS repository.


If you have some problems with a released version then please see the FAQ in the first instance.

For problems with code from the CVS repository just wait for me to fix it - or ask your questions on one of the mailing list.