This is a small collection of links, to sites that are of interest to me, and maybe others.

My homepage - split between free software, and Body Piercing. A great combination ;)
The Freshmeat project page for this software, and the Savannah project page.
Distributions with GNUMP3d
GNUMP3d is included in the following distributions:

It may be included in more, but I have been unable to discover this.

Perl For Windows
To run the GNUMP3d you'll need to make sure you have a recent copy of ActiveState Perl installed.
Other Streaming Servers
There are other servers which do a similar job to GNUMP3d - here are a couple of them: Ample, and IceCast.
More complicated servers
There are a few more complicated systems designed to allow you to share your music KPlaylist is one of the prettiest, and Tv Dinner looks very comprehensive. Both of these streamers require the user of a webserver and a database.
None of this work would have been possible without the existance and inspiration of The GNU Project who kindly provide hosting for this site and allowed it to become part of their project.
MP3 Players
XMMS is my favourite MP3 player upon the GNU/Linux platform. (WinAmp is also widely used on Microsoft platforms).
Development Tools
CVS, the Concurrent Versioning System, HTMLPP, the HTML preprocessor, manedit for creating the manpages, and of course GNU Emacs.