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Uses of Class

Packages that use Instruction
gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter InterpretedCodeCompiler uses the various classes beginning with I and extending Instruction in the instruction sub-package to compile clauses to InterpretedByteCode

Uses of Instruction in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter declared as Instruction
static Instruction[] InterpretedCodeCompiler.instructionArrayConstant
          array type constant for Instruction.class

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with type parameters of type Instruction
protected  List<Instruction> InterpretedCodeCompiler.code
          code so far compiled

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with parameters of type Instruction
protected  void InterpretedByteCode.pass1(Instruction[] isrc, int[] ipos, Map<CompoundTermTag,Integer> tag2idx, Map<AtomicTerm,Integer> constant2idx)
protected  void InterpretedByteCode.pass2(Instruction[] isrc, int[] ipos, Map<CompoundTermTag,Integer> tag2idx, Map<AtomicTerm,Integer> constant2idx)

Constructors in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with parameters of type Instruction
InterpretedByteCode(CompoundTermTag codeTag, Instruction[] isrc, ExceptionHandlerInfo[] ehs)
          constructor of code

Uses of Instruction in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter.instruction

Subclasses of Instruction in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter.instruction
 class IAllocate
          allocate environment instruction
 class ICall
          call instruction.
 class ICreateCompoundTerm
          create compound term
 class ICreateVariable
          create variable on pushDownStack
 class ICut
          cut instruction
 class IDup
          duplicate top of pushdown stack
 class IFail
          fail instruction
 class IJump
          true instruction
 class IPop
          delete term from top of pushdown stack
 class IPushArgument
          push argument of execution state
 class IPushConstant
          push constant term
 class IPushEnvironment
          push term from environment
 class IRestoreState
          Restore current state from BacktrackInfo stored in environment
 class IRetryMeElse
          retry_me_else instruction
 class IReturn
          return with success instruction
 class ISaveCut
          save latest choice point as cut position instruction
 class ISaveState
          Save current state as BacktrackInfo in environment
 class IStoreEnvironment
          save top of pushdown list in environment
 class IThrow
          throw instruction
 class ITrue
          true instruction
 class ITrustMe
          trust_me instruction
 class ITryMeElse
          try_me_else instruction
 class IUnify
          call instruction.
 class RetryInstruction
          base class to try_me_else and retry_me_else instructions.

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