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The ms macros support the standard groff preprocessors: tbl, pic, eqn, and refer. You mark text meant for preprocessors by enclosing it in pairs of tags as follows.

Macro: .TS [H]
Macro: .TE

Denotes a table, to be processed by the tbl preprocessor. The optional argument H to TS instructs groff to create a running header with the information up to the TH macro. groff prints the header at the beginning of the table; if the table runs onto another page, groff prints the header on the next page as well.

Macro: .PS
Macro: .PE

Denotes a graphic, to be processed by the pic preprocessor. You can create a pic file by hand, using the AT&T pic manual available on the Web as a reference, or by using a graphics program such as xfig.

Macro: .EQ [align]
Macro: .EN

Denotes an equation, to be processed by the eqn preprocessor. The optional align argument can be C, L, or I to center (the default), left-justify, or indent the equation.

Macro: .[
Macro: .]

Denotes a reference, to be processed by the refer preprocessor. The GNU refer(1) man page provides a comprehensive reference to the preprocessor and the format of the bibliographic database.

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