gsasl  1.8.0
digesthmac.h File Reference
#include "tokens.h"

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int digest_md5_hmac (char *output, char secret[DIGEST_MD5_LENGTH], const char *nonce, unsigned long nc, const char *cnonce, digest_md5_qop qop, const char *authzid, const char *digesturi, int rspauth, digest_md5_cipher cipher, char *kic, char *kis, char *kcc, char *kcs)

Function Documentation

int digest_md5_hmac ( char *  output,
char  secret[DIGEST_MD5_LENGTH],
const char *  nonce,
unsigned long  nc,
const char *  cnonce,
digest_md5_qop  qop,
const char *  authzid,
const char *  digesturi,
int  rspauth,
digest_md5_cipher  cipher,
char *  kic,
char *  kis,
char *  kcc,
char *  kcs