Guile-Gnome is a Guile wrapper collection for the following GNOME core libraries:

Guile-Gnome brings the power of Guile Scheme to your graphical application, providing a comprehensive environment for developing modern applications:

(cons 'guile 'gnome)

Latest News

27 July 2015

Guile-Gnome 2.16.3 is out, see download.

Changes from 2.16.2

The primary objectives, working towards this release, were (a) to remove all code specific to the support of Guile versions prior to Guile 2, (b) removing all [but 1 Corba related that still need to be taken care of, help welcome] Guile deprecated calls, and (c) wrap gdk_pixbuf_get_pixels required by Guile-Clutter 1.12.

All modules

  • Guile-Gnome now requires Guile 2.0, allows Guile 2.2
  • Requires G-Wrap >= 1.9.15
  • Requires Guile-Cairo >= 1.10

    Note that at the time we write, Guile-Cairo 1.10 has not been released yet, it will hopefully soon be the case. In the mean time, the required bleeding edge Guile-Cairo stable version must be obtained from the source, see here.

  • toplevel calls moved into an eval-when conditions exp
  • scm-error incorrect arg list, various calls, all fixed
  • all [but 1 Corba related] Guile deprecated calls removed
  • remove use of some undocumented GOOPS internals
  • adapt to GOOPS changes in Guile 2.2
  • make check and make distcheck both have been fixed to work with recent automake versions [thanks to Ludovic Courtés for his help wrt to make check]
  • fixing allocate-instance for <CORBA:Object>
  • gnome-corba-error, gruntime-error, don't call save-stack [deprecated]
  • g_get_current_time now [temporarily] ignored, it was not properly wrapped anyway
  • <glib-wrapset> missing some basic pointer types: guint8*, guchar*, gunichar*, gunichar2* added and wrapped as opaque pointers
  • use &gw-bad-typespec, not &gw:bad-typespec
  • use string-suffix?, not has-suffix?
  • gdk_pixbuf_get_pixels removed from the ignore list, it returns a guchar*, just added, no specific wrapper needed
  • gtk_recent_info_get_application_info should [temporarily] be ignored, it needs a special wrapper, to be done still

See Guile-Gnome's git summary and git log for further details.

This and older news are available here.


Guile-Gnome also has a GNU Savannah project page.


Guile-Gnome is a free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License GPL v2 or higher. You must be aware there is no warranty whatsoever for Guile-Gnome. This is described in full in the licenses.