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This index contains concepts, keywords and non-Schemey names for several features, to make it easier to locate the desired sections.

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!#: Block Comments

#!: Block Comments
#,(): SRFI-10

(ice-9 match): Pattern Matching

.guile: Init File
.guile file, not loading: Command-line Options
.guile_history: Loading Readline Support
.inputrc: Loading Readline Support

/etc/hosts: Network Databases
/etc/protocols: Network Databases
/etc/services: Network Databases

absolute file name: File System
addrinfo object type: Network Databases
affinity, CPU: Processes
alist: Association Lists
alist: SRFI-1 Association Lists
argument specialize: SRFI-26
arguments (command line): Command-line Options
arity, variable: Case-lambda
arity, variable: SRFI-16
array cell: Arrays as arrays of arrays
array frame: Arrays as arrays of arrays
array slice: Arrays as arrays of arrays
association List: Association Lists
association list: SRFI-1 Association Lists
asynchronous interrupts: Asyncs
asyncs: Asyncs
atomic time: SRFI-19 Introduction
autoload: Creating Guile Modules
automatic compilation: Compilation
automatically-managed memory: Memory Blocks
auxiliary syntax: Syntax Rules

begin: begin
binary input: Binary I/O
binary output: Binary I/O
binary port: R6RS Transcoders
binding renamer: Using Guile Modules
binding renamer: Using Guile Modules
bindir: Build Config
bitwise logical: SRFI-60
block comments: Block Comments
BOM: BOM Handling
Breakpoints: Traps
Breakpoints: High-Level Traps
Buffered input: Buffered Input
build system, for Guile code: Distributing Guile Code
buildstamp: Build Config
byte order: Bytevector Endianness
byte order mark: BOM Handling
bytevector: Bytevectors

callbacks: More Foreign Functions
canonical host type: Build Config
case: Conditionals
case folding: Characters
cells, deprecated concept: Non-Immediate Objects
certificate verification, for HTTPS: Web Client
certificates, for HTTPS: Web Client
chaining environments: Chaining
character encoding: Representing Strings as Bytes
charset: Standard Character Sets
child processes: Processes
class: Class Definition
Closing ports: Ports
closure: About Closure
Code coverage: Traps
code coverage: Code Coverage
code point: Characters
code point, designated: Characters
code point, reserved: Characters
codec: R6RS Transcoders
codeset: Standard Character Sets
command line: Runtime Environment
command line: Runtime Environment
command line history: Readline Support
command-line arguments: Command-line Options
Command-line Options: Command-line Options
commands: REPL Commands
compiler, just-in-time: Just-In-Time Native Code
composable continuations: Prompts
cond: Conditionals
condition variable: Mutexes and Condition Variables
conditional evaluation: Conditionals
conditions: SRFI-35
conservative garbage collection: Memory Blocks
continuation, CPS: CPS in Guile
continuation, escape: Prompt Primitives
continuations: Continuations
conversion strategy, port: Encoding
Cooperative REPL server: Cooperative REPL Servers
copying: Guile License
coverage: Code Coverage
CPS: Continuation-Passing Style
CPS, first-order: CPS in Guile
CPS, higher-order: CPS in Guile
cultural conventions: i18n Introduction
curly-infix: SRFI-105
curly-infix-and-bracket-lists: SRFI-105
current directory: Processes
custom binary input ports: Custom Ports
custom binary input/output ports: Custom Ports
custom binary output ports: Custom Ports

database: Association Lists
datadir: Build Config
date: SRFI-19
date: SRFI-19 Date
date conversion: SRFI-19 Time/Date conversions
date to string: SRFI-19 Date to string
date, from string: SRFI-19 String to date
datum labels: R7RS Incompatibilities
debug options: Debug Options
Debugging: Debugging
debugging virtual machine (command line): Command-line Options
debugging virtual machine (command line): Command-line Options
declarative: Declarative Modules
decoding error: Encoding
Default ports: Default Ports
default slot value: Slot Options
definition splicing: begin
definitions, declarative: Declarative Modules
delayed evaluation: Delayed Evaluation
delimited continuations: Prompts
designated code point: Characters
device file: File System
directory contents: File System
directory traversal: File Tree Walk
distribution, of Guile projects: Distributing Guile Code
dlopening: Foreign Libraries
domain-specific language: Macros
dominate, CPS: CPS in Guile
DSL: Macros
duplicate binding: Creating Guile Modules
duplicate binding: Creating Guile Modules
duplicate binding handlers: Creating Guile Modules
dynamic linking: Foreign Libraries

EDSL: Macros
effective version: Parallel Installations
Emacs: Using Guile in Emacs
emacs regexp: Regular Expressions
embedded domain-specific language: Macros
encapsulation: Modules
enclosed array: Arrays as arrays of arrays
encoding: Character Encoding of Source Files
encoding error: Encoding
encryption: Encryption
End of file object: Binary I/O
end-of-line style: R6RS Transcoders
endianness: Bytevector Endianness
environment: About Environments
environment: Environments
environment: Runtime Environment
environment variables: Environment Variables
environment variables: SRFI-98
environment, local: Local Variables
environment, top level: About Environments
equality: Equality
errno: Conventions
errno: Conventions
error handling: Exceptions
error-signal: Handling Errors
evaluate expression, command-line argument: Command-line Options
exception handling: Exceptions
exceptions: SRFI-35
exec_prefix: Build Config
export: Creating Guile Modules
expression sequencing: begin
expression, CPS: CPS in Guile
extensible record types: Records
extensiondir: Parallel Installations

fdes finalizers: Ports and File Descriptors
ffi: Foreign Function Interface
file descriptor: Ports and File Descriptors
file descriptor finalizers: Ports and File Descriptors
file locking: Ports and File Descriptors
file name separator: File System
File port: File Ports
file system: File System
file system combinator: File Tree Walk
file system traversal: File Tree Walk
file tree walk: File Tree Walk
finalization: Foreign Object Memory Management
finalization: Foreign Objects
finalization: Smobs
finalizer: Foreign Object Memory Management
finalizer: Foreign Objects
finalizer: Smobs
finalizers, file descriptor: Ports and File Descriptors
fine-grain parallelism: Futures
first-order CPS: CPS in Guile
fluids: Fluids and Dynamic States
fold-case: Case Sensitivity
foreign function interface: Foreign Function Interface
foreign libraries: Foreign Libraries
foreign object: Foreign Objects
formatted output: Formatted Output
frame rank: Arrays as arrays of arrays
functional setters: SRFI-9 Records
futures: Futures

GC-managed memory: Memory Blocks
GDB support: GDB Support
Geiser: Using Guile in Emacs
general cond clause: Conditionals
GNU triplet: Build Config
GPL: Guile License
group file: User Information
guardians, testing for GC’d objects: GC Hooks
guild: Using Guile Tools
Guile threads: Threads
guile-2 SRFI-0 feature: SRFI-0
guile-snarf deprecated macros: Snarfing Macros
guile-snarf example: Function Snarfing
guile-snarf invocation: Function Snarfing
guile-snarf recognized macros: Snarfing Macros
guile-tools: Using Guile Tools
guileversion: Build Config
GUILE_HISTORY: Loading Readline Support

hash-comma: SRFI-10
higher-order CPS: CPS in Guile
higher-order functions: Higher-Order Functions
host name: System Identification
host name lookup: Network Databases
HTTPS, X.509 certificates: Web Client

i18n: Internationalization
iconv: Representing Strings as Bytes
IEEE-754 floating point numbers: Bytevectors as Floats
if: Conditionals
includedir: Build Config
infodir: Build Config
information encapsulation: Modules
init file, not loading: Command-line Options
initialization: Environment Variables
Initializing Guile: Initialization
inlining: Inlinable Procedures
inlining: Declarative Modules
instance: Instance Creation
integers as bits: SRFI-60
internationalization: Internationalization
interpreter: Why a VM?
interrupts: Asyncs
intmap: CPS Soup
intmap, transient: CPS Soup
invocation: Invoking Guile
invocation (command-line arguments): Command-line Options
IPv4: Network Address Conversion
IPv6: Network Address Conversion
iteration: while do

Jaffer, Aubrey: JACAL
jit compiler: Just-In-Time Native Code
julian day: SRFI-19 Introduction
julian day: SRFI-19 Date
just-in-time compiler: Just-In-Time Native Code

keyword objects: SRFI-88

lambda: Lambda
LANG: Locales
leap second: SRFI-19 Introduction
LGPL: Guile License
libdir: Build Config
libexecdir: Build Config
libguileinterface: Build Config
libraries, foreign: Foreign Libraries
libraries, shared: Foreign Libraries
LIBS: Build Config
license: Guile License
Line buffered input: Buffered Input
Line continuation: Buffered Input
Line input/output: Line/Delimited
list: SRFI-1
list constructor: SRFI-1 Constructors
list delete: SRFI-1 Deleting
list filter: SRFI-1 Filtering and Partitioning
list fold: SRFI-1 Fold and Map
list map: SRFI-1 Fold and Map
list partition: SRFI-1 Filtering and Partitioning
list predicate: SRFI-1 Predicates
list search: SRFI-1 Searching
list selector: SRFI-1 Selectors
list set operation: SRFI-1 Set Operations
load: Character Encoding of Source Files
load path: Installing Site Packages
loading srfi modules (command line): Command-line Options
local bindings: Local Bindings
local environment: Local Variables
local time: Time
local variable: Local Variables
local variables: Local Bindings
locale: Standard Character Sets
locale: i18n Introduction
locale: Locales
locale category: i18n Introduction
locale object: i18n Introduction
localstatedir: Build Config
location: About Environments
looping: while do
low-level locale information: Accessing Locale Information

macro expansion: Macros
macros: Macros
mandir: Build Config
match structures: Match Structures
math – symbolic: JACAL
memory-allocation-error: Handling Errors
misc-error: Handling Errors
modified julian day: SRFI-19 Introduction
modified julian day: SRFI-19 Date
module version: Creating Guile Modules
modules: Modules
modules, declarative: Declarative Modules
multiline comments: Block Comments
multiple values: Multiple Values
multiple values and cond: Conditionals
mutex: Mutexes and Condition Variables

name space: Modules
name space - private: Modules
named let: while do
named let: while do
network: Networking
network address: Network Address Conversion
network database: Network Databases
network database: Network Databases
network database: Network Databases
network examples: Internet Socket Examples
network protocols: Network Databases
network services: Network Databases
network socket: Network Sockets and Communication
network socket address: Network Socket Address
no-fold-case: Case Sensitivity
non-local exit: Prompts
numerical-overflow: Handling Errors

optimizations, compiler: Compilation
options (command line): Command-line Options
options - debug: Debug Options
options - print: Scheme Write
options - read: Scheme Read
out-of-range: Handling Errors
overflow, stack: Stack Overflow
overriding binding: Creating Guile Modules
overriding binding: Creating Guile Modules

parallel forms: Parallel Forms
parallelism: Futures
parameter object: Parameters
parameter specialize: SRFI-26
parameter specializers: Generic Function and Method Examples
Paredit: Using Guile in Emacs
partial evaluator: Inlinable Procedures
password: Encryption
password file: User Information
pattern matching: Pattern Matching
pattern matching (SXML): sxml-match
pattern variable: Pattern Matching
pipe: Ports and File Descriptors
pipe: Pipes
pkg-config: Parallel Installations
pkgdatadir: Build Config
pkgincludedir: Build Config
pkglibdir: Build Config
polar form: Complex Numbers
polar form: Complex
Port: Ports
port buffering: Buffering
port conversion strategy: Encoding
port encoding: Character Encoding of Source Files
Port, buffering: Buffering
Port, close: Ports
Port, default: Default Ports
Port, file: File Ports
Port, line input/output: Line/Delimited
Port, random access: Random Access
Port, soft: Soft Ports
Port, string: String Ports
Port, types: Port Types
Port, void: Void Ports
portability between 2.0 and older versions: SRFI-0
POSIX threads: Threads
prefab record types: Records
prefix: Using Guile Modules
prefix: Build Config
prefix slice: Arrays as arrays of arrays
pretty printing: Pretty Printing
primitive procedures: Primitive Procedures
primitive-load: Character Encoding of Source Files
primitives: Primitive Procedures
print options: Scheme Write
procedure documentation: Procedure Properties
procedure inlining: Inlinable Procedures
procedure properties: Procedure Properties
procedure with setter: Procedures with Setters
process group: Terminals and Ptys
process group: Terminals and Ptys
process priority: Processes
process time: SRFI-19 Time
processes: Processes
Profiling: Traps
program arguments: Runtime Environment
program arguments: Runtime Environment
program name transformations, dealing with: Parallel Installations
promises: Delayed Evaluation
prompts: Prompts
protocols: Network Databases
pure module: Creating Guile Modules

q-empty: Queues
queues: Queues

R6RS: Bytevectors
R6RS: R6RS Support
R6RS: rnrs io ports
r6rs (command line): Command-line Options
R6RS block comments: Block Comments
R6RS ports: rnrs io ports
R7RS: R7RS Support
r7rs (command line): Command-line Options
r7rs-symbols: Symbol Read Syntax
random access: I/O Extensions
Random access, ports: Random Access
re-export: Creating Guile Modules
re-export-and-replace: Creating Guile Modules
read: Character Encoding of Source Files
read options: Scheme Read
readline: Readline Support
readline options: Readline Options
receive: Multiple Values
record: Record Overview
record: SRFI-9 Records
record types, extensible: Records
record types, nongenerative: Records
record types, opaque: Records
record types, prefab: Records
recursion: Tail Calls
recursive expression: SRFI-31
regex: Regular Expressions
regular expressions: Regular Expressions
regular-expression-syntax: Handling Errors
REPL server: REPL Servers
replace: Creating Guile Modules
replacing binding: Creating Guile Modules
replacing binding: Creating Guile Modules
reserved code point: Characters

sameness: Equality
sbindir: Build Config
Scheme Shell: The Scheme shell (scsh)
SCM data type: The SCM Type
script mode: Command-line Options
SCSH: The Scheme shell (scsh)
search and replace: Regexp Functions
sequencing: begin
service name lookup: Network Databases
services: Network Databases
setter: Procedures with Setters
Setting breakpoints: High-Level Traps
Setting tracepoints: High-Level Traps
shadowing an imported variable binding: Chaining
shared libraries: Foreign Libraries
sharedstatedir: Build Config
shell: Environment Variables
signal: Signals
site: Installing Site Packages
site path: Installing Site Packages
sitedir: Parallel Installations
slice, of a bytevector: Bytevector Slices
slice, of a uniform vector: Bytevector Slices
slot: Class Definition
smob: Smobs
socket: Network Sockets and Communication
socket address: Network Socket Address
socket client example: Internet Socket Examples
socket examples: Internet Socket Examples
socket server example: Internet Socket Examples
Soft port: Soft Ports
sorting: Sorting
sorting lists: Sorting
sorting vectors: Sorting
source file encoding: Character Encoding of Source Files
source properties: Source Properties
specialize parameter: SRFI-26
splicing: begin
srcdir: Build Config
SRFI: SRFI Support
SRFI-10: SRFI-10
SRFI-105: SRFI-105
SRFI-11: SRFI-11
SRFI-111: SRFI-111
SRFI-13: SRFI-13
SRFI-14: SRFI-14
SRFI-16: Case-lambda
SRFI-16: SRFI-16
SRFI-17: SRFI-17
SRFI-171: SRFI-171
SRFI-18: SRFI-18
SRFI-19: SRFI-19
SRFI-23: SRFI-23
SRFI-26: SRFI-26
SRFI-27: SRFI-27
SRFI-27: SRFI-27 Default Random Source
SRFI-27: SRFI-27 Random Sources
SRFI-27: SRFI-27 Random Number Generators
SRFI-28: SRFI-28
SRFI-30: SRFI-30
SRFI-30 block comments: Block Comments
SRFI-31: SRFI-31
SRFI-34: SRFI-34
SRFI-35: SRFI-35
SRFI-37: SRFI-37
SRFI-38: SRFI-38
SRFI-39: Parameters
SRFI-39: Parameters
SRFI-39: SRFI-39
SRFI-41: SRFI-41
SRFI-42: SRFI-42
SRFI-43: SRFI-43
SRFI-45: SRFI-45
SRFI-46: SRFI-46
SRFI-55: SRFI-55
SRFI-60: SRFI-60
SRFI-61: Conditionals
SRFI-62: SRFI-62
SRFI-64: SRFI-64
SRFI-67: SRFI-67
SRFI-69: SRFI-69
SRFI-71: SRFI-71
SRFI-87: SRFI-87
SRFI-88: SRFI-88
SRFI-88 keyword syntax: Keyword Read Syntax
SRFI-9: SRFI-9 Records
SRFI-98: SRFI-98
stack overflow: Stack Overflow
stack-overflow: Handling Errors
standard error output: Default Ports
standard input: Default Ports
standard output: Default Ports
startup (command-line arguments): Command-line Options
streams: Streams
String port: String Ports
string to date: SRFI-19 String to date
string, from date: SRFI-19 Date to string
structure: Record Overview
subset, of a bytevector: Bytevector Slices
switches (command line): Command-line Options
SXML pattern matching: sxml-match
symbolic math: JACAL
syntax, auxiliary: Syntax Rules
sysconfdir: Build Config
system clock: SRFI-19 Introduction
system name: System Identification
system-error: Handling Errors

TAI: SRFI-19 Introduction
TAI: SRFI-19 Time
tail calls: Tail Calls
template jit: Just-In-Time Native Code
temporary directory: File System
temporary file: File System
temporary file: File System
term, CPS: CPS in Guile
terminal: Terminals and Ptys
terminal: Terminals and Ptys
terminal: Terminals and Ptys
textual input: Textual I/O
textual output: Textual I/O
textual port: R6RS Transcoders
thread time: SRFI-19 Time
threads: Threads
time: Time
time: SRFI-19
time: SRFI-19 Time
time conversion: SRFI-19 Time/Date conversions
time formatting: Time
time parsing: Time
top level environment: About Environments
top_srcdir: Build Config
Trace: Traps
Tracepoints: High-Level Traps
Tracing: Traps
transcoder: R6RS Transcoders
transducers: SRFI-171
transducers applying: SRFI-171 Applying Transducers
transducers discussion: SRFI-171 General Discussion
transducers helpers: SRFI-171 Helpers
transducers reducers: SRFI-171 Reducers
transducers transducers: SRFI-171 Transducers
transformation: Macros
transient intmaps: CPS Soup
Traps: Traps
truncated printing: Pretty Printing
Types of ports: Port Types

Unicode code point: Characters
Unicode string encoding: Bytevectors as Strings
universal time: SRFI-19 Introduction
unless: Conditionals
user information: User Information
UTC: SRFI-19 Introduction
UTC: SRFI-19 Time

variable arity: Case-lambda
variable arity: SRFI-16
variable definition: Top Level
variable, local: Local Variables
vcell: About Environments
VHash: VHashes
vlist: VLists
VList-based hash lists: VHashes
VM hooks: Traps
VM trace level: VM Hooks
Void port: Void Ports

warnings, compiler: Compilation
Web: Web
when: Conditionals
wizards: Using Guile Tools
word order: Bytevector Endianness
wrapped pointer types: Void Pointers and Byte Access
wrong-number-of-args: Handling Errors
wrong-type-arg: Handling Errors
WWW: Web

X.509 certificate directory: Web Client