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The (gnu services databases) module provides the following services.

Scheme Procedure: postgresql-service [#:postgresql postgresql] [#:config-file] [#:data-directory ``/var/lib/postgresql/data''] [#:port 5432] [#:locale ``en_US.utf8'']

Return a service that runs postgresql, the PostgreSQL database server.

The PostgreSQL daemon loads its runtime configuration from config-file, creates a database cluster with locale as the default locale, stored in data-directory. It then listens on port.

Scheme Procedure: mysql-service [#:config (mysql-configuration)]

Return a service that runs mysqld, the MySQL or MariaDB database server.

The optional config argument specifies the configuration for mysqld, which should be a <mysql-configuration> object.

Data Type: mysql-configuration

Data type representing the configuration of mysql-service.

mysql (default: mariadb)

Package object of the MySQL database server, can be either mariadb or mysql.

For MySQL, a temporary root password will be displayed at activation time. For MariaDB, the root password is empty.

port (default: 3306)

TCP port on which the database server listens for incoming connections.

Scheme Variable: redis-service-type

This is the service type for the Redis key/value store, whose value is a redis-configuration object.

Data Type: redis-configuration

Data type representing the configuration of redis.

redis (default: redis)

The Redis package to use.

bind (default: "")

Network interface on which to listen.

port (default: 6379)

Port on which to accept connections on, a value of 0 will disable listening on a TCP socket.

working-directory (default: "/var/lib/redis")

Directory in which to store the database and related files.

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