Class OPbinary

  extended by gnu.jel.OP
      extended by gnu.jel.OPbinary

public class OPbinary
extends OP

A tree node, representing binary operation.

Field Summary
 int code
          code of this operation
protected static byte[][] promotions
          binary promotions of base types
Fields inherited from class gnu.jel.OP
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Constructor Summary
OPbinary(Stack<OP> paramOPs, int opcode)
          Constructs a new binary operation.
Method Summary
 void compile(ClassFile cf)
          Called to generate the code implementing this OP.
 Object eval()
          Called to evaluate this node and all its sub-nodes.
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Field Detail


public int code
code of this operation


protected static final byte[][] promotions
binary promotions of base types

Constructor Detail


public OPbinary(Stack<OP> paramOPs,
                int opcode)
         throws CompilationException
Constructs a new binary operation.

Codes are following:

 0   --  addition
 1   --  substraction
 2   --  multiplication
 3   --  division
 4   --  remainder
 5   --  bitwise AND
 6   --  bitwise OR
 7   --  bitwise and logical XOR
 8   --  comparizon for equality
 9   --  comparizon for non-equality
 10  --  comparizon for "less" <
 11  --  comparizon for "greater or equal" >=
 12  --  comparizon for "greater" >
 13  --  comparizon for "less or equal" <=
 14  --  bitwise left shift <<
 15  --  bitwise right signed shift >>
 16  --  bitwise right unsigned shift >>>
 17  --  logical conjunction operator (AND)
 18  --  logical disjunction operator (OR)
 19  --  array element access operation
 20  --  reserved (used internally for string concatenation)

paramOPs - stack holding the operands
opcode - is the operation code
Method Detail


public void compile(ClassFile cf)
Description copied from class: OP
Called to generate the code implementing this OP.

Specified by:
compile in class OP
cf - class file with a new open method to write the code into.


public Object eval()
            throws Exception
Description copied from class: OP
Called to evaluate this node and all its sub-nodes.

Upon success this node is to be replaced by the constant node holding the returned object.

Specified by:
eval in class OP
an object to which this node evaluates

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