Package gnu.jel

Class Summary
ClassFile This class represents a classfile image in JEL.
CompiledExpression This abstract class is a superclass of every JEL-compiled expression, each of which overrides some of the abstract methods below.
DVMap Provides the information about defined dynamic variables.
Evaluator This is the main frontend to JEL.
ImageLoader Loads JEL-generated classes into Java VM.
Library A namespace for JEL expressions.
LocalField Represents a field local to the class being compiled.
LocalMethod Represents a method local to the class being compiled.
OP A tree node, representing an operation.
OPbinary A tree node, representing binary operation.
OPcall A tree node, representing a method call (field/local variable load).
OPcondtnl A tree node, representing conditional.
OPload A tree node, representing loading of a constant.
OPunary A tree node, representing unary operation.

Exception Summary
CompilationException Represents an error encountered during the compilation.

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