The Kawa Scheme language

Kawa is a programming language for the Java platform. It is an implementation of Scheme, which, is in the Lisp family of programming languages. Kawa has many useful features, including convenient integration with Java. It can be used as a “scripting language”, but includes a compiler and all the benefits of a “real” programming language, including optional static typing, so Kawa programs can be as efficient as Java.

Kawa is also a useful framework for implementing other programming languages on the Java platform. It has has many useful utility classes.

This documents version 1.14, updated 28 September 2013. See the summary of recent changes.

The (quite incomplete) Kawa tutorial can be useful to get stated; it also also links to some other more in-depth (but not Kawa-specific) Scheme tutorials.

For copyright information on the software and documentation, see License.

Various people and orgnizations have contributed to Kawa.

This package has nothing to do with the defunct Kawa commercial Java IDE.