libcdio  0.90
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
audio.h [code]The top-level header for CD audio-related libcdio calls. These control playing of the CD-ROM through its line-out jack
bytesex.h [code]Generic Byte-swapping routines
bytesex_asm.h [code]Assembly code to handle byte-swapping
cd_types.h [code]Header for routines which automatically determine the Compact Disc format and possibly filesystem on the CD
cdio.h [code]The top-level header for libcdio: the CD Input and Control library. Applications include this for anything regarding libcdio
cdtext.h [code]The top-level header for CD-Text information. Applications include this for CD-Text access
device.h [code]C header for driver- or device-related libcdio calls. ("device" includes CD-image reading devices)
disc.h [code]The top-level header for disc-related libcdio calls
ds.h [code]The top-level header for list-related data structures
dvd.h [code]Definitions for DVD access
ecma_167.h [code]Definitions based on ECMA-167 3rd edition (June 1997) See
iso9660.h [code]The top-level interface header for libiso9660: the ISO-9660 filesystem library; applications include this
logging.h [code]Header to control logging and level of detail of output
mmc.h [code]Common definitions for MMC (Multimedia Commands). Applications include this for direct MMC access
mmc_cmds.h [code]The top-level header for libcdio multi-media commands (MMC)
mmc_hl_cmds.h [code]Higher-level MMC commands which build on top of the lower-level MMC commands
mmc_ll_cmds.h [code]Wrappers for specific Multimedia Command (MMC) commands e.g., READ DISC, START/STOP UNIT
mmc_util.h [code]Multimedia Command (MMC) "helper" routines that don't depend on anything other than headers
posix.h [code]Various POSIX definitions
read.h [code]The top-level header for sector (block, frame)-related libcdio calls
rock.h [code]Things related to the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol (RRIP)
scsi_mmc.h [code]Obsolete please use <cdio/mmc.h> instead
sector.h [code]Things related to CD-ROM layout: tracks, sector sizes, MSFs, LBAs
track.h [code]The top-level header for track-related libcdio calls
types.h [code]Common type definitions used pervasively in libcdio
udf.h [code]The top-level interface header for libudf: UDF filesystem library; applications include this
udf_file.h [code]Routines involving UDF file operations
udf_time.h [code]UDF time conversion and access files
utf8.h [code]UTF-8 support
util.h [code]Miscellaneous utility functions
version.h [code]A file containing the libcdio package version number (90) and OS build name
xa.h [code]Things related to the ISO-9660 XA (Extended Attributes) format