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Data Fields
iso9660_ltime_s Struct Reference

ISO-9660 longer-format time structure. More...

#include <iso9660.h>

Data Fields

char lt_year [ISODCL(1, 4)]
char lt_month [ISODCL(5, 6)]
char lt_day [ISODCL(7, 8)]
char lt_hour [ISODCL(9, 10)]
char lt_minute [ISODCL(11, 12)]
char lt_second [ISODCL(13, 14)]
char lt_hsecond [ISODCL(15, 16)]
iso712_t lt_gmtoff

Detailed Description

ISO-9660 longer-format time structure.

Section of ECMA 119. All values are encoded as character arrays, eg. '1', '9', '5', '5' for the year 1955 (no null terminated byte).

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Field Documentation

Day of month: 1..31

Offset from Greenwich Mean Time in number of 15 min intervals from -48 (West) to +52 (East) recorded according to 7.1.2 numerical value

hour: 0..23

The value is in units of 1/100's of a second

minute: 0..59

Has value in range 1..12. Note starts at 1, not 0 like a tm struct.

second: 0..59

Add 1900 to value for the Julian year

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