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Data Fields
iso9660_pvd_s Struct Reference

ISO-9660 Primary Volume Descriptor. More...

#include <iso9660.h>

Data Fields

iso711_t type
char id [5]
iso711_t version
char unused1 [1]
achar_t system_id [ISO_MAX_SYSTEM_ID]
dchar_t volume_id [ISO_MAX_VOLUME_ID]
uint8_t unused2 [8]
iso733_t volume_space_size
uint8_t unused3 [32]
iso723_t volume_set_size
iso723_t volume_sequence_number
iso723_t logical_block_size
iso733_t path_table_size
iso731_t type_l_path_table
iso731_t opt_type_l_path_table
iso732_t type_m_path_table
iso732_t opt_type_m_path_table
iso9660_dir_t root_directory_record
char root_directory_filename
dchar_t volume_set_id [ISO_MAX_VOLUMESET_ID]
achar_t publisher_id [ISO_MAX_PUBLISHER_ID]
achar_t preparer_id [ISO_MAX_PREPARER_ID]
achar_t application_id [ISO_MAX_APPLICATION_ID]
dchar_t copyright_file_id [37]
dchar_t abstract_file_id [37]
dchar_t bibliographic_file_id [37]
iso9660_ltime_t creation_date
iso9660_ltime_t modification_date
iso9660_ltime_t expiration_date
iso9660_ltime_t effective_date
iso711_t file_structure_version
uint8_t unused4 [1]
char application_data [512]
uint8_t unused5 [653]

Detailed Description

ISO-9660 Primary Volume Descriptor.

Field Documentation

dchar_t iso9660_pvd_s::abstract_file_id[37]

See section 8.4.24 of ECMA 119.

char iso9660_pvd_s::application_data[512]

Application can put whatever it wants here.

achar_t iso9660_pvd_s::application_id[ISO_MAX_APPLICATION_ID]

application use to create the volume. If the first character is '_' 0x5F, the remaining bytes specify a file containing the user. If all bytes are " " (0x20) no application is specified. See section of 8.4.22 of ECMA 119

dchar_t iso9660_pvd_s::bibliographic_file_id[37]

See section 7.5 of ISO 9660 spec.

dchar_t iso9660_pvd_s::copyright_file_id[37]

Name of file for copyright info. If all bytes are " " (0x20), then no file is identified. See section 8.4.23 of ECMA 119 9660 spec.

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_pvd_s::creation_date

date and time of volume creation. See section of the ISO 9660 spec.

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_pvd_s::effective_date

date and time when volume is effective. See section 8.4.29 of the ISO 9660 spec.

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_pvd_s::expiration_date

date and time when volume expires. See section 8.4.28 of the ISO 9660 spec.

iso711_t iso9660_pvd_s::file_structure_version

value 1 for ECMA 119

char iso9660_pvd_s::id[5]


iso723_t iso9660_pvd_s::logical_block_size

sector size, e.g. 2048

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_pvd_s::modification_date

date and time of the most recent modification. See section 8.4.27 of the ISO 9660 spec.

iso731_t iso9660_pvd_s::opt_type_l_path_table

first sector of optional L Path Table

iso732_t iso9660_pvd_s::opt_type_m_path_table

first sector of optional M Path table

iso733_t iso9660_pvd_s::path_table_size

bytes in path table

achar_t iso9660_pvd_s::preparer_id[ISO_MAX_PREPARER_ID]

preparer of volume. If the first character is '_' 0x5F, the remaining bytes specify a file containing the user. If all bytes are " " (0x20) no preparer is specified. See section 8.4.21 of ECMA 119

achar_t iso9660_pvd_s::publisher_id[ISO_MAX_PUBLISHER_ID]

Publisher of volume. If the first character is '_' 0x5F, the remaining bytes specify a file containing the user. If all bytes are " " (0x20) no publisher is specified. See section 8.4.20 of ECMA 119

char iso9660_pvd_s::root_directory_filename

Is '\0' or root directory. Also pads previous field to 34 bytes

iso9660_dir_t iso9660_pvd_s::root_directory_record

See 8.4.18 and section 9.1 of ISO 9660 spec.

achar_t iso9660_pvd_s::system_id[ISO_MAX_SYSTEM_ID]

each char is an achar

iso711_t iso9660_pvd_s::type


iso731_t iso9660_pvd_s::type_l_path_table

first sector of L Path Table

iso732_t iso9660_pvd_s::type_m_path_table

first sector of M Path table

char iso9660_pvd_s::unused1[1]

unused - value 0

uint8_t iso9660_pvd_s::unused2[8]

unused - value 0

uint8_t iso9660_pvd_s::unused3[32]

unused - value 0

uint8_t iso9660_pvd_s::unused4[1]

unused - value 0

uint8_t iso9660_pvd_s::unused5[653]

Unused - value 0

iso711_t iso9660_pvd_s::version

value 1 for ECMA 119

dchar_t iso9660_pvd_s::volume_id[ISO_MAX_VOLUME_ID]

each char is a dchar

iso723_t iso9660_pvd_s::volume_sequence_number

often 1

dchar_t iso9660_pvd_s::volume_set_id[ISO_MAX_VOLUMESET_ID]

Volume Set of which the volume is a member. See section 8.4.19

iso723_t iso9660_pvd_s::volume_set_size

often 1

iso733_t iso9660_pvd_s::volume_space_size

total number of sectors

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