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Data Fields
iso9660_svd_s Struct Reference

ISO-9660 Supplementary Volume Descriptor. More...

#include <iso9660.h>

Data Fields

iso711_t type
char id [5]
iso711_t version
char flags
achar_t system_id [ISO_MAX_SYSTEM_ID]
dchar_t volume_id [ISO_MAX_VOLUME_ID]
char unused2 [8]
iso733_t volume_space_size
char escape_sequences [32]
iso723_t volume_set_size
iso723_t volume_sequence_number
iso723_t logical_block_size
iso733_t path_table_size
iso731_t type_l_path_table
iso731_t opt_type_l_path_table
iso732_t type_m_path_table
iso732_t opt_type_m_path_table
iso9660_dir_t root_directory_record
char root_directory_filename
dchar_t volume_set_id [ISO_MAX_VOLUMESET_ID]
achar_t publisher_id [ISO_MAX_PUBLISHER_ID]
achar_t preparer_id [ISO_MAX_PREPARER_ID]
achar_t application_id [ISO_MAX_APPLICATION_ID]
dchar_t copyright_file_id [37]
dchar_t abstract_file_id [37]
dchar_t bibliographic_file_id [37]
iso9660_ltime_t creation_date
iso9660_ltime_t modification_date
iso9660_ltime_t expiration_date
iso9660_ltime_t effective_date
iso711_t file_structure_version
uint8_t unused4 [1]
char application_data [512]
uint8_t unused5 [653]

Detailed Description

ISO-9660 Supplementary Volume Descriptor.

This is used for Joliet Extentions and is almost the same as the the primary descriptor but two unused fields, "unused1" and "unused3 become "flags and "escape_sequences" respectively.

Field Documentation

dchar_t iso9660_svd_s::abstract_file_id[37]

See section 8.5.18 of ECMA 119.

char iso9660_svd_s::application_data[512]

8.5.20 Application can put whatever it wants here.

achar_t iso9660_svd_s::application_id[ISO_MAX_APPLICATION_ID]

application use to create the volume. If the first character is '_' 0x5F, the remaining bytes specify a file containing the user. If all bytes are " " (0x20) no application is specified. See section of 8.5.16 of ECMA 119

dchar_t iso9660_svd_s::bibliographic_file_id[37]

See section 8.5.19 of ECMA 119.

dchar_t iso9660_svd_s::copyright_file_id[37]

Name of file for copyright info. If all bytes are " " (0x20), then no file is identified. See section 8.5.17 of ECMA 119 9660 spec.

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_svd_s::creation_date

date and time of volume creation. See section of the ECMA 119 spec.

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_svd_s::effective_date

date and time when volume is effective. See section 8.4.29 of the ECMA 119 spec.

char iso9660_svd_s::escape_sequences[32]

Section 8.5.6

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_svd_s::expiration_date

date and time when volume expires. See section 8.4.28 of the ECMA 119 spec.

iso711_t iso9660_svd_s::file_structure_version

value 1 for ECMA 119

char iso9660_svd_s::flags

Section 8.5.3

char iso9660_svd_s::id[5]


iso723_t iso9660_svd_s::logical_block_size

sector size, e.g. 2048

iso9660_ltime_t iso9660_svd_s::modification_date

date and time of the most recent modification. See section 8.4.27 of the ECMA 119 spec.

iso731_t iso9660_svd_s::opt_type_l_path_table

8.5.9; first sector of optional little-endian path table

iso732_t iso9660_svd_s::opt_type_m_path_table

8.5.11; first sector of optional big-endian path table

iso733_t iso9660_svd_s::path_table_size

8.5.7; bytes in path table

achar_t iso9660_svd_s::preparer_id[ISO_MAX_PREPARER_ID]

Data preparer of volume. If the first character is '_' 0x5F, the remaining bytes specify a file containing the user. If all bytes are " " (0x20) no preparer is specified. See section 8.5.15 of ECMA 119

achar_t iso9660_svd_s::publisher_id[ISO_MAX_PUBLISHER_ID]

Publisher of volume. If the first char- aracter is '_' 0x5F, the remaining bytes specify a file containing the user. If all bytes are " " (0x20) no publisher is specified. See section 8.5.14 of ECMA 119

char iso9660_svd_s::root_directory_filename

Is '\0' or root directory. Also pads previous field to 34 bytes

iso9660_dir_t iso9660_svd_s::root_directory_record

See section 8.5.12 and 9.1 of ISO 9660 spec.

achar_t iso9660_svd_s::system_id[ISO_MAX_SYSTEM_ID]

Section 8.5.4; each char is an achar

iso711_t iso9660_svd_s::type


iso731_t iso9660_svd_s::type_l_path_table

8.5.8; first sector of little-endian path table

iso732_t iso9660_svd_s::type_m_path_table

8.5.10; first sector of big-endian path table

char iso9660_svd_s::unused2[8]
uint8_t iso9660_svd_s::unused4[1]

unused - value 0

uint8_t iso9660_svd_s::unused5[653]

Unused - value 0

iso711_t iso9660_svd_s::version

value 1

dchar_t iso9660_svd_s::volume_id[ISO_MAX_VOLUME_ID]

Section 8.5.5; each char is a dchar

iso723_t iso9660_svd_s::volume_sequence_number

often 1

dchar_t iso9660_svd_s::volume_set_id[ISO_MAX_VOLUMESET_ID]

8.5.13; dchars

iso723_t iso9660_svd_s::volume_set_size

often 1

iso733_t iso9660_svd_s::volume_space_size

total number of sectors

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