libcdio  1.1.0rc1
Data Fields
iso_rock_statbuf_s Struct Reference

#include <rock.h>

Data Fields

bool_3way_t b3_rock
posix_mode_t st_mode
posix_nlink_t st_nlinks
posix_uid_t st_uid
posix_gid_t st_gid
uint8_t s_rock_offset
int i_symlink
int i_symlink_max
char * psz_symlink
iso_rock_time_t create
iso_rock_time_t modify
iso_rock_time_t access
iso_rock_time_t attributes
iso_rock_time_t backup
iso_rock_time_t expiration
iso_rock_time_t effective
uint32_t i_rdev

Field Documentation

iso_rock_time_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::access

time of last file access st_atime field of POSIX:5.6.1.

iso_rock_time_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::attributes

time of last attribute change. st_ctime field of POSIX:5.6.1.

bool_3way_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::b3_rock

has Rock Ridge extension. If "yep", then the fields are used.

iso_rock_time_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::backup

time of last backup.

iso_rock_time_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::create

create time See ISO 9660:9.5.4.

iso_rock_time_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::effective

Effective time; See ISO 9660:9.5.7.

iso_rock_time_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::expiration

time of expiration; See ISO 9660:9.5.6.

uint32_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::i_rdev

the upper 16-bits is major device number, the lower 16-bits is the minor device number

int iso_rock_statbuf_s::i_symlink

size of psz_symlink

int iso_rock_statbuf_s::i_symlink_max

max allocated to psz_symlink

iso_rock_time_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::modify

time of last modification ISO 9660:9.5.5. st_mtime field of POSIX:5.6.1.

char* iso_rock_statbuf_s::psz_symlink

if symbolic link, name of pointed to file.

uint8_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::s_rock_offset
posix_gid_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::st_gid

group ID of owner

posix_mode_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::st_mode


posix_nlink_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::st_nlinks

number of hard links

posix_uid_t iso_rock_statbuf_s::st_uid

user ID of owner

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