libcdio  1.1.0rc1
Data Fields
iso_rock_tf_s Struct Reference

#include <rock.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t flags
uint8_t time_bytes [EMPTY_ARRAY_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Time stamp(s) for a file. See Rock Ridge Section 4.1.6

Field Documentation

uint8_t iso_rock_tf_s::flags

See ISO_ROCK_TF_* bits above.

uint8_t iso_rock_tf_s::time_bytes[EMPTY_ARRAY_SIZE]

A homogenious array of iso9660_ltime_t or iso9660_dtime_t entries depending on flags & ISO_ROCK_TF_LONG_FORM. Lacking a better method, we store this as an array of bytes and a cast to the appropriate type will have to be made before extraction.

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