libcdio  1.1.0rc1
Data Fields
mmc_subchannel_s Struct Reference

#include <mmc.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t reserved
uint8_t audio_status
uint16_t data_length
uint8_t format
uint8_t address: 4
uint8_t control: 4
uint8_t track
uint8_t index
uint8_t abs_addr [4]
uint8_t rel_addr [4]

Field Documentation

uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::abs_addr[4]
uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::address
uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::audio_status
uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::control
uint16_t mmc_subchannel_s::data_length

Really ISO 9660 7.2.2

uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::format
uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::index
uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::rel_addr[4]
uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::reserved
uint8_t mmc_subchannel_s::track

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