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7 Names of Unicode characters <uniname.h>

This include file implements the association between a Unicode character and its name.

The name of a Unicode character allows to distinguish it from other, similar looking characters. For example, the character ‘x’ has the name "LATIN SMALL LETTER X" and is therefore different from the character named "MULTIPLICATION SIGN".

Macro: unsigned int UNINAME_MAX

This macro expands to a constant that is the required size of buffer for a Unicode character name.

Function: char * unicode_character_name (ucs4_t uc, char *buf)

Looks up the name of a Unicode character, in uppercase ASCII. buf must point to a buffer, at least UNINAME_MAX bytes in size. Returns the filled buf, or NULL if the character does not have a name.

Function: ucs4_t unicode_name_character (const char *name)

Looks up the Unicode character with a given name, in upper- or lowercase ASCII. NAME can also be an alias name of a character. Returns the character if found, or UNINAME_INVALID if not found.


This macro expands to a constant that is a special return value of the unicode_name_character function.