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Index Entry  Section

ambiguous width: uniwidth.h
Arabic shaping: Arabic shaping
argument conventions: Conventions
autoconf macro: Autoconf macro

bidi class: Bidi class
bidirectional category: Bidi class
bidirectional reordering: More functionality
block: Blocks
boundaries, between grapheme clusters: unigbrk.h
boundaries, between words: uniwbrk.h
breaks, grapheme cluster: unigbrk.h
breaks, line: unilbrk.h
breaks, word: uniwbrk.h
bug reports: Reporting problems
bug tracker: Reporting problems

C string functions: char * strings
C, programming language: ISO C and Java syntax
C-like API: Classifications like in ISO C
canonical combining class: Canonical combining class
case detection: Case detection
case mappings: Case mappings of strings
casing_prefix_context_t: Case mappings of substrings
casing_suffix_context_t: Case mappings of substrings
char, type: char * strings
char16_t, type: The char32_t problem
char32_t, type: The char32_t problem
combining, Unicode characters: Composition of characters
comparing: Comparing Unicode strings
comparing: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
comparing, ignoring case: Case insensitive comparison
comparing, ignoring case, with collation rules: Case insensitive comparison
comparing, ignoring normalization: Normalizing comparisons
comparing, ignoring normalization and case: Case insensitive comparison
comparing, ignoring normalization and case, with collation rules: Case insensitive comparison
comparing, ignoring normalization, with collation rules: Normalizing comparisons
comparing, with collation rules: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
comparing, with collation rules, ignoring case: Case insensitive comparison
comparing, with collation rules, ignoring normalization: Normalizing comparisons
comparing, with collation rules, ignoring normalization and case: Case insensitive comparison
compiler options: Compiler options
composing, Unicode characters: Composition of characters
converting: Elementary string conversions
converting: uniconv.h
copying: Copying Unicode strings
copying: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
counting: Counting characters

decomposing: Decomposition of characters
dependencies: Installation
detecting case: Case detection
duplicating: Elementary string functions with memory allocation
duplicating: Duplicating a NUL terminated Unicode string

enum iconv_ilseq_handler: uniconv.h

FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU FDL
formatted output: unistdio.h
fullwidth: uniwidth.h

general category: General category
gl_LIBUNISTRING: Autoconf macro
GPL, GNU General Public License: GNU GPL
grapheme cluster boundaries: unigbrk.h
grapheme cluster breaks: unigbrk.h

halfwidth: uniwidth.h

identifiers: ISO C and Java syntax
installation: Installation
internationalization: Unicode and i18n
iterating: Iterating
iterating: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string

Java, programming language: ISO C and Java syntax
joining group: Joining group
joining of Arabic characters: Arabic shaping
joining type: Joining type

LGPL, GNU Lesser General Public License: GNU LGPL
Licenses: Licenses
line breaks: unilbrk.h
locale: Locale encodings
locale categories: Locale encodings
locale encoding: Locale encodings
locale encoding: uniconv.h
locale language: Case mappings of strings
locale, multibyte: char * strings
locale_charset: uniconv.h
lowercasing: Case mappings of strings

mailing list: Reporting problems
mirroring, of Unicode character: Mirrored character

normal forms: uninorm.h
normalizing: uninorm.h

output, formatted: unistdio.h

properties, of Unicode character: Properties

regular expression: uniregex.h
rendering: More functionality
return value conventions: Conventions

scripts: Scripts
searching, for a character: Searching for a character
searching, for a character: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
searching, for a substring: Searching for a substring
stream, normalizing a: Normalization of streams
struct uninorm_filter: Normalization of streams

titlecasing: Case mappings of strings

u16_asnprintf: unistdio.h
u16_asprintf: unistdio.h
u16_casecmp: Case insensitive comparison
u16_casecoll: Case insensitive comparison
u16_casefold: Case insensitive comparison
u16_casexfrm: Case insensitive comparison
u16_casing_prefixes_context: Case mappings of substrings
u16_casing_prefix_context: Case mappings of substrings
u16_casing_suffixes_context: Case mappings of substrings
u16_casing_suffix_context: Case mappings of substrings
u16_check: Elementary string checks
u16_chr: Searching for a character
u16_cmp: Comparing Unicode strings
u16_cmp2: Comparing Unicode strings
u16_conv_from_encoding: uniconv.h
u16_conv_to_encoding: uniconv.h
u16_cpy: Copying Unicode strings
u16_cpy_alloc: Elementary string functions with memory allocation
u16_ct_casefold: Case insensitive comparison
u16_ct_tolower: Case mappings of substrings
u16_ct_totitle: Case mappings of substrings
u16_ct_toupper: Case mappings of substrings
u16_endswith: Searching for a substring
u16_grapheme_breaks: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u16_grapheme_next: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u16_grapheme_prev: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u16_is_cased: Case detection
u16_is_casefolded: Case detection
u16_is_lowercase: Case detection
u16_is_titlecase: Case detection
u16_is_uppercase: Case detection
u16_mblen: Iterating
u16_mbsnlen: Counting characters
u16_mbtouc: Iterating
u16_mbtoucr: Iterating
u16_mbtouc_unsafe: Iterating
u16_move: Copying Unicode strings
u16_next: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_normalize: Normalization of strings
u16_normcmp: Normalizing comparisons
u16_normcoll: Normalizing comparisons
u16_normxfrm: Normalizing comparisons
u16_possible_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
u16_prev: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_set: Copying Unicode strings
u16_snprintf: unistdio.h
u16_sprintf: unistdio.h
u16_startswith: Searching for a substring
u16_stpcpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_stpncpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strcat: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strchr: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strcmp: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u16_strcoll: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u16_strconv_from_encoding: uniconv.h
u16_strconv_from_locale: uniconv.h
u16_strconv_to_encoding: uniconv.h
u16_strconv_to_locale: uniconv.h
u16_strcpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strcspn: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strdup: Duplicating a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strlen: Length
u16_strmblen: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strmbtouc: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strncat: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strncmp: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u16_strncpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strnlen: Length
u16_strpbrk: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strrchr: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strspn: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u16_strstr: Searching for a substring
u16_strtok: Tokenizing
u16_strwidth: uniwidth.h
u16_tolower: Case mappings of strings
u16_totitle: Case mappings of strings
u16_toupper: Case mappings of strings
u16_to_u32: Elementary string conversions
u16_to_u8: Elementary string conversions
u16_u16_asnprintf: unistdio.h
u16_u16_asprintf: unistdio.h
u16_u16_snprintf: unistdio.h
u16_u16_sprintf: unistdio.h
u16_u16_vasnprintf: unistdio.h
u16_u16_vasprintf: unistdio.h
u16_u16_vsnprintf: unistdio.h
u16_u16_vsprintf: unistdio.h
u16_uctomb: Creating Unicode strings
u16_vasnprintf: unistdio.h
u16_vasprintf: unistdio.h
u16_vsnprintf: unistdio.h
u16_vsprintf: unistdio.h
u16_width: uniwidth.h
u16_width_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
u16_wordbreaks: Word breaks in a string
u32_asnprintf: unistdio.h
u32_asprintf: unistdio.h
u32_casecmp: Case insensitive comparison
u32_casecoll: Case insensitive comparison
u32_casefold: Case insensitive comparison
u32_casexfrm: Case insensitive comparison
u32_casing_prefixes_context: Case mappings of substrings
u32_casing_prefix_context: Case mappings of substrings
u32_casing_suffixes_context: Case mappings of substrings
u32_casing_suffix_context: Case mappings of substrings
u32_check: Elementary string checks
u32_chr: Searching for a character
u32_cmp: Comparing Unicode strings
u32_cmp2: Comparing Unicode strings
u32_conv_from_encoding: uniconv.h
u32_conv_to_encoding: uniconv.h
u32_cpy: Copying Unicode strings
u32_cpy_alloc: Elementary string functions with memory allocation
u32_ct_casefold: Case insensitive comparison
u32_ct_tolower: Case mappings of substrings
u32_ct_totitle: Case mappings of substrings
u32_ct_toupper: Case mappings of substrings
u32_endswith: Searching for a substring
u32_grapheme_breaks: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u32_grapheme_next: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u32_grapheme_prev: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u32_is_cased: Case detection
u32_is_casefolded: Case detection
u32_is_lowercase: Case detection
u32_is_titlecase: Case detection
u32_is_uppercase: Case detection
u32_mblen: Iterating
u32_mbsnlen: Counting characters
u32_mbtouc: Iterating
u32_mbtoucr: Iterating
u32_mbtouc_unsafe: Iterating
u32_move: Copying Unicode strings
u32_next: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_normalize: Normalization of strings
u32_normcmp: Normalizing comparisons
u32_normcoll: Normalizing comparisons
u32_normxfrm: Normalizing comparisons
u32_possible_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
u32_prev: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_set: Copying Unicode strings
u32_snprintf: unistdio.h
u32_sprintf: unistdio.h
u32_startswith: Searching for a substring
u32_stpcpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_stpncpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strcat: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strchr: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strcmp: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u32_strcoll: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u32_strconv_from_encoding: uniconv.h
u32_strconv_from_locale: uniconv.h
u32_strconv_to_encoding: uniconv.h
u32_strconv_to_locale: uniconv.h
u32_strcpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strcspn: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strdup: Duplicating a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strlen: Length
u32_strmblen: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strmbtouc: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strncat: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strncmp: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u32_strncpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strnlen: Length
u32_strpbrk: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strrchr: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strspn: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u32_strstr: Searching for a substring
u32_strtok: Tokenizing
u32_strwidth: uniwidth.h
u32_tolower: Case mappings of strings
u32_totitle: Case mappings of strings
u32_toupper: Case mappings of strings
u32_to_u16: Elementary string conversions
u32_to_u8: Elementary string conversions
u32_u32_asnprintf: unistdio.h
u32_u32_asprintf: unistdio.h
u32_u32_snprintf: unistdio.h
u32_u32_sprintf: unistdio.h
u32_u32_vasnprintf: unistdio.h
u32_u32_vasprintf: unistdio.h
u32_u32_vsnprintf: unistdio.h
u32_u32_vsprintf: unistdio.h
u32_uctomb: Creating Unicode strings
u32_vasnprintf: unistdio.h
u32_vasprintf: unistdio.h
u32_vsnprintf: unistdio.h
u32_vsprintf: unistdio.h
u32_width: uniwidth.h
u32_width_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
u32_wordbreaks: Word breaks in a string
u8_asnprintf: unistdio.h
u8_asprintf: unistdio.h
u8_casecmp: Case insensitive comparison
u8_casecoll: Case insensitive comparison
u8_casefold: Case insensitive comparison
u8_casexfrm: Case insensitive comparison
u8_casing_prefixes_context: Case mappings of substrings
u8_casing_prefix_context: Case mappings of substrings
u8_casing_suffixes_context: Case mappings of substrings
u8_casing_suffix_context: Case mappings of substrings
u8_check: Elementary string checks
u8_chr: Searching for a character
u8_cmp: Comparing Unicode strings
u8_cmp2: Comparing Unicode strings
u8_conv_from_encoding: uniconv.h
u8_conv_to_encoding: uniconv.h
u8_cpy: Copying Unicode strings
u8_cpy_alloc: Elementary string functions with memory allocation
u8_ct_casefold: Case insensitive comparison
u8_ct_tolower: Case mappings of substrings
u8_ct_totitle: Case mappings of substrings
u8_ct_toupper: Case mappings of substrings
u8_endswith: Searching for a substring
u8_grapheme_breaks: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u8_grapheme_next: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u8_grapheme_prev: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
u8_is_cased: Case detection
u8_is_casefolded: Case detection
u8_is_lowercase: Case detection
u8_is_titlecase: Case detection
u8_is_uppercase: Case detection
u8_mblen: Iterating
u8_mbsnlen: Counting characters
u8_mbtouc: Iterating
u8_mbtoucr: Iterating
u8_mbtouc_unsafe: Iterating
u8_move: Copying Unicode strings
u8_next: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_normalize: Normalization of strings
u8_normcmp: Normalizing comparisons
u8_normcoll: Normalizing comparisons
u8_normxfrm: Normalizing comparisons
u8_possible_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
u8_prev: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_set: Copying Unicode strings
u8_snprintf: unistdio.h
u8_sprintf: unistdio.h
u8_startswith: Searching for a substring
u8_stpcpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_stpncpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strcat: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strchr: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strcmp: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u8_strcoll: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u8_strconv_from_encoding: uniconv.h
u8_strconv_from_locale: uniconv.h
u8_strconv_to_encoding: uniconv.h
u8_strconv_to_locale: uniconv.h
u8_strcpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strcspn: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strdup: Duplicating a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strlen: Length
u8_strmblen: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strmbtouc: Iterating over a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strncat: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strncmp: Comparing NUL terminated Unicode strings
u8_strncpy: Copying a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strnlen: Length
u8_strpbrk: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strrchr: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strspn: Searching for a character in a NUL terminated Unicode string
u8_strstr: Searching for a substring
u8_strtok: Tokenizing
u8_strwidth: uniwidth.h
u8_tolower: Case mappings of strings
u8_totitle: Case mappings of strings
u8_toupper: Case mappings of strings
u8_to_u16: Elementary string conversions
u8_to_u32: Elementary string conversions
u8_u8_asnprintf: unistdio.h
u8_u8_asprintf: unistdio.h
u8_u8_snprintf: unistdio.h
u8_u8_sprintf: unistdio.h
u8_u8_vasnprintf: unistdio.h
u8_u8_vasprintf: unistdio.h
u8_u8_vsnprintf: unistdio.h
u8_u8_vsprintf: unistdio.h
u8_uctomb: Creating Unicode strings
u8_vasnprintf: unistdio.h
u8_vasprintf: unistdio.h
u8_vsnprintf: unistdio.h
u8_vsprintf: unistdio.h
u8_width: uniwidth.h
u8_width_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
u8_wordbreaks: Word breaks in a string
UCS-4: Unicode
ucs4_t: unitypes.h
uc_all_blocks: Blocks
uc_all_scripts: Scripts
uc_bidi_category: Bidi class
uc_bidi_category_byname: Bidi class
uc_bidi_category_name: Bidi class
uc_bidi_class: Bidi class
uc_bidi_class_byname: Bidi class
uc_bidi_class_long_name: Bidi class
uc_bidi_class_name: Bidi class
uc_block: Blocks
uc_block_t: Blocks
uc_canonical_decomposition: Decomposition of characters
uc_combining_class: Canonical combining class
uc_combining_class_byname: Canonical combining class
uc_combining_class_long_name: Canonical combining class
uc_combining_class_name: Canonical combining class
uc_composition: Composition of characters
uc_c_ident_category: ISO C and Java syntax
uc_decimal_value: Decimal digit value
uc_decomposition: Decomposition of characters
uc_digit_value: Digit value
uc_fraction_t: Numeric value
uc_general_category: Object oriented API
uc_general_category_and: Object oriented API
uc_general_category_and_not: Object oriented API
uc_general_category_byname: Object oriented API
uc_general_category_long_name: Object oriented API
uc_general_category_name: Object oriented API
uc_general_category_or: Object oriented API
uc_general_category_t: Object oriented API
uc_graphemeclusterbreak_property: Grapheme cluster break property
uc_grapheme_breaks: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
uc_is_alnum: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_alpha: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_bidi_category: Bidi class
uc_is_bidi_class: Bidi class
uc_is_blank: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_block: Blocks
uc_is_cntrl: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_c_whitespace: ISO C and Java syntax
uc_is_digit: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_general_category: Object oriented API
uc_is_general_category_withtable: Bit mask API
uc_is_graph: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_grapheme_break: Grapheme cluster break property
uc_is_java_whitespace: ISO C and Java syntax
uc_is_lower: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_print: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_property: Properties as objects
uc_is_property_alphabetic: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_ascii_hex_digit: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_arabic_digit: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_arabic_right_to_left: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_block_separator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_boundary_neutral: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_common_separator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_control: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_embedding_or_override: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_european_digit: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_eur_num_separator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_eur_num_terminator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_hebrew_right_to_left: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_left_to_right: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_non_spacing_mark: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_other_neutral: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_pdf: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_segment_separator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_bidi_whitespace: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_cased: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_case_ignorable: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_changes_when_casefolded: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_changes_when_casemapped: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_changes_when_lowercased: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_changes_when_titlecased: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_changes_when_uppercased: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_combining: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_composite: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_currency_symbol: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_dash: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_decimal_digit: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_default_ignorable_code_point: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_deprecated: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_diacritic: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_emoji: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_emoji_component: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_emoji_modifier: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_emoji_modifier_base: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_emoji_presentation: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_extended_pictographic: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_extender: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_format_control: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_grapheme_base: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_grapheme_extend: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_grapheme_link: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_hex_digit: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_hyphen: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_ideographic: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_ids_binary_operator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_ids_trinary_operator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_id_continue: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_id_start: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_ignorable_control: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_iso_control: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_join_control: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_left_of_pair: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_line_separator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_logical_order_exception: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_lowercase: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_math: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_non_break: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_not_a_character: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_numeric: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_alphabetic: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_default_ignorable_code_point: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_grapheme_extend: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_id_continue: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_id_start: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_lowercase: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_math: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_other_uppercase: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_paired_punctuation: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_paragraph_separator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_pattern_syntax: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_pattern_white_space: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_private_use: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_punctuation: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_quotation_mark: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_radical: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_regional_indicator: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_sentence_terminal: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_soft_dotted: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_space: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_terminal_punctuation: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_titlecase: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_unassigned_code_value: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_unified_ideograph: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_uppercase: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_variation_selector: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_white_space: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_xid_continue: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_xid_start: Properties as functions
uc_is_property_zero_width: Properties as functions
uc_is_punct: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_script: Scripts
uc_is_space: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_upper: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_is_xdigit: Classifications like in ISO C
uc_java_ident_category: ISO C and Java syntax
uc_joining_group: Joining group
uc_joining_group_byname: Joining group
uc_joining_group_name: Joining group
uc_joining_type: Joining type
uc_joining_type_byname: Joining type
uc_joining_type_long_name: Joining type
uc_joining_type_name: Joining type
uc_locale_language: Case mappings of strings
uc_mirror_char: Mirrored character
uc_numeric_value: Numeric value
uc_property_byname: Properties as objects
uc_property_is_valid: Properties as objects
uc_property_t: Properties as objects
uc_script: Scripts
uc_script_byname: Scripts
uc_script_t: Scripts
uc_tolower: Case mappings of characters
uc_totitle: Case mappings of characters
uc_toupper: Case mappings of characters
uc_width: uniwidth.h
uc_wordbreak_property: Word break property
uint16_t: unitypes.h
uint32_t: unitypes.h
uint8_t: unitypes.h
ulc_asnprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_asprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_casecmp: Case insensitive comparison
ulc_casecoll: Case insensitive comparison
ulc_casexfrm: Case insensitive comparison
ulc_fprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_grapheme_breaks: Grapheme cluster breaks in a string
ulc_possible_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
ulc_snprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_sprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_vasnprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_vasprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_vfprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_vsnprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_vsprintf: unistdio.h
ulc_width_linebreaks: unilbrk.h
ulc_wordbreaks: Word breaks in a string
Unicode: Unicode
Unicode character, bidi class: Bidi class
Unicode character, bidirectional category: Bidi class
Unicode character, block: Blocks
Unicode character, canonical combining class: Canonical combining class
Unicode character, case mappings: Case mappings of characters
Unicode character, classification: General category
Unicode character, classification like in C: Classifications like in ISO C
Unicode character, general category: General category
Unicode character, mirroring: Mirrored character
Unicode character, name: uniname.h
Unicode character, properties: Properties
Unicode character, script: Scripts
Unicode character, validity in C identifiers: ISO C and Java syntax
Unicode character, validity in Java identifiers: ISO C and Java syntax
Unicode character, value: Decimal digit value
Unicode character, value: Digit value
Unicode character, value: Numeric value
Unicode character, width: uniwidth.h
unicode_character_name: uniname.h
unicode_name_character: uniname.h
uninorm_decomposing_form: Normalization of strings
uninorm_filter_create: Normalization of streams
uninorm_filter_flush: Normalization of streams
uninorm_filter_free: Normalization of streams
uninorm_filter_write: Normalization of streams
uninorm_is_compat_decomposing: Normalization of strings
uninorm_is_composing: Normalization of strings
uninorm_t: Normalization of strings
uppercasing: Case mappings of strings
use cases: Introduction
UTF-16: Unicode
UTF-16, strings: Unicode strings
UTF-32: Unicode
UTF-32, strings: Unicode strings
UTF-8: Unicode
UTF-8, strings: Unicode strings

validity: Elementary string checks
value, of libunistring: Introduction
value, of Unicode character: Decimal digit value
value, of Unicode character: Digit value
value, of Unicode character: Numeric value
verification: Elementary string checks

wchar_t, type: The wchar_t mess
well-formed: Elementary string checks
width: uniwidth.h
word boundaries: uniwbrk.h
word breaks: uniwbrk.h
wrapping: unilbrk.h

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