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2.9 Solo game

2.9.1 Current state

As of today, Liquid War 6 is essentially a solo game since network is not working. It allows you to toy arround in arcade mode on any map you wish.

A real solo mode with campaign and goals to reach is planned, how it will be implemented is yet to be defined.

2.9.2 Team profiles

By default, teams behave differently, some of them move more rapidly, some are more aggressive but vulnerable, some are more defensive but do not attack as strong as others. This aspect of the game is under active tuning, things might be unfair by now, you can toy arround with the various team-profile-... options, any report is appreciated.

Note that this is very different from Liquid War 5, and can give very different gaming experiences, you can artificially set up arbitrary strong bots, for instance.

Here’s a description of the default color settings:

2.9.3 Weapons

Additionnally, when profiles are used, each team has two weapons, a primary weapon and an alternate one. Think of weapons as special (usually nasty) tricks you can play on your opponents.

Here’s a description of available weapons:

Note that this is in progress, some of them are NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.

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