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2.8 User interface

2.8.1 A reduced set of keys

Liquid War 6 can be controlled using a reduced set of keys. This is to make the game more portable and allow possible ports to platforms where a full keyboard is not available. Depending on the graphics backend, exact mapping might change, they should hopefully be obvious and intuitive.

Those keys are:


2.8.2 Combining mouse, keyboard and joysticks

It’s also possible to control the game with the mouse only, or with a joystick. By default the interface will trap all events and respond on any of these possible devices.

KeyboardMouseJoystickMenu actionIn-game
upmouse pointerstickprevious menu itemmove cursor up
downmouse pointersticknext menu itemmove cursor down
leftmouse pointerstickchange menu item valuemove cursor left
rightmouse pointerstickchange menu item valuemove cursor right
enterleft-clickbutton Avalidate menuvalidate chat line
escright-clickbutton Bback to previous menuquit game
ctrlright-click or double-click on any buttonbutton CN/Afire
altmiddle-click or triple-click on any buttonbutton DN/Aalternate fire
pgupwheel upbutton Eprevious menu itemzoom in
pgdownwheel downbutton Fnext menu itemzoom out

A final word about joystick buttons: there’s no such thing as standard joystick buttons, some will come with A,B,C,D, others will have A,B,start,select,L,R, there’s no way to know. By default, the game will use the buttons with the lowest indexes (returned by your driver) for the most usefull functions. Validate menu entries is the most usefull action, zooming in and out the one you can live without.

2.8.3 Quit with F10

There’s also an (almost) hardcoded shortcut which will quit the game immediately, or at least as quickly as possible, without any prompt or warning.

It is the F10 key.

Think of this feature as the procastinator’s “whoops, here comes my boss!!!” emergency function.

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